Andrew Christopher ARDRON (1974 -)

Father: Derrick Ardron (1947 -)
Mother: Patricia Anne Peel

Tree extract starting with common ancestor to me:



My brother was born on xx xx 1974 in Blackpool. (GRO cert GE870966 + GRO ref Blackpool/F 40 0405 Dec 1974 - Peel)

He was baptised at St Nicholas Owen RC Church, Thornton, Blackpool on 10 November 1974. His Godparents were R.K. Greenwood, J.H. Holden and Josephine Moores.

1978 Wide spread strikes result in the so called “Winter of Discontent”
1979 Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain's first female Prime Minister

1984 on 12 March the 12-month 'Miners' Strike' over pit closures begins

1989 Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web

1992 on 6 May the Channel Tunnel opens, linking London and Paris by rail

Before going to university, my brother was commissioned in Her Majesty's Royal Marine Commandos (Short Service Limited Commission) in the rank of Second Lieutenant. During this year he completed the All Arms Commando Course and thereby gained the coveted Green Beret.

After this he enrolled at Durham University to read Computer Sciences. However he decided not to complete his studies as the big world of business was ever requiring his time and the setting up of a company with our father, the Databank Group of Companies (

2001 on 11 September Islamic terrorists crash aircraft on targets in New York and Washington

My brother married Caroline Kate Gill on 2 February 2002 at 2pm at St George's Church, West Grinstead, West Sussex. He was aged 27 and [company] director. His father was also a director. Caroline was aged 25 and a sales consultant. Her father was Alan Graham Gill, a business consultant. (GRO cert D/12 951298 + GRO ref Horsham Feb 2002 district no 783 page no 0470 ent no 012 source code C19 - Gill)

2005 on 7 July suicide bombers kill 52 people on London's transport system

2005 in December Civil partnerships give same-sex couples legal rights

Caroline Kate GILL ( -)
My sister-in-law was born in Redhill, Surrey. (Based on the birth certificate of their son) Her parents are Alan and Sue Gill. GRO REF??


1) Oliver Stephen Ardron (2002 -)
My nephew was born on xx xx 2002 at the Maternity Unit, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury, Bucks, weighing 7lbs 1oz. (GRO cert BH930221 + GRO ref Aylesbury/V 2002 August district no 324/1B reg no B52C ent no 076 dor 802 - Gill)

2) Charles George Ardron (2004 -)
My nephew was born on xx xx 2004 at the Maternity Unit, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury, Bucks, weighing 7lbs 13oz. (GRO cert BH930221 + GRO ref Aylesbury Vale Feb 2004 district no 324/1A reg no A59C ent no 119 - Gill)

3) Jessica Mary Ardron (2006 -)
My niece was born at 3am xx xx 2006 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury, Bucks, weighing 7lbs 11oz. GRO REF??