Dennis ARDRON (1930 - 1993)

Father: Frank Ardron III (1903 - 1977)
Mother: May Phillips


Tree extract starting with common ancestor to me:


My 3rd cousin twice removed was born on 11 July 1930 at "Sherwood", Brinsworth Road, Catcliffe, Rotherham. His father was a motor lorry driver. The informant was his father. (GRO cert BXBZ363943 + GRO ref Rotherham 9c 974 Sep 1930 - Phillips)


1931 Financial crisis and run on the pound (Britain abandons the gold standard)

1935 in July the first Penguin paperbacks go on sale, costing just 6 pence, bringing literature to the masses

1936 Death of King George V, succeeded by King Edward VIII
1936 Abdication of King Edward VIII in order to marry Wallace Simpson, succeeded by King George VI

1939-45 World War II
1944 Butler Education Act - framework for new free comprehensive secondary education for all
1947 on 1 January Britain's coal industry is nationalised

1948 National Health Service established

1948 on 29 July the Olympic Games open at Wembley Stadium in London

1952 Death of King George VI, succeeded by Queen Elizabeth II
1954 Rationing resulting from ends


Dennis married Jill M. Newman in 1955 in the registration district of Hendon. (Peter Brian Ardron + GRO ref Hendon 5e 1466 Mar 1955 - Newman, Jill M.)


1955 on 22 September commercial television starts with the first ITV broadcast

1956 on 17 October Britain switches on its first nuclear power station at Calder Hall

1959 M1 Motorway punched through the Midlands from Watford to Birmingham

1963 The Profumo Affair
1965 on 8 November the death penalty is abolished

1966 on 30 July England win the football World Cup

1967 Abortion and homosexuality are legalised

1969 on 2 March Concorde, the world's first supersonic airliner, makes its maiden flight

1971 on 15 February decimalised currency replaces 'pounds, shillings and pence'

1973 on 1 January Britain joins the European Economic Community

1978 Wide spread strikes result in the so called “Winter of Discontent”
1979 Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain's first female Prime Minister

1984 on 12 March the 12-month 'Miners' Strike' over pit closures begins

1989 Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web

1992 on 6 May the Channel Tunnel opens, linking London and Paris by rail


He died in 1993. (Peter Brian Ardron + GRO ref Hastings/R 1993 January district no 4561C reg no C47A ent no 283 dor 193 - [born] 11-Jul-1930)



1) Stephen John Ardron (1960 -)
My 4th cousin once removed was born in 1960 in the registration district of Bournemouth. (GRO ref Bournemouth 6b 274 Mar 1960 - Newman)


2) Peter Brian Ardron (1962 -)