Emily Gertrude ARDRON (1889 -)


Father: Aaron Ardron (1863 - 1902)
Mother: Annie Howland


Tree extract starting with common ancestor to me:

My 2nd cousin 3 times removed was also baptised on 17 October 1890 in Swinton at the same time as her sister Emma. Her father was a stove maker.  (APR) However she was probably born in 1889 based on the GRO index. (GRO ref Rotherham 9c 664 Dec 1889)

On the 1891 Census (5 April) she was aged 1, living with her parents at 75 Charles Street, Swinton. (PRO ref RG12 piece 3855 folio 126 pg 48 + Copy)

1893 Invention of motion pictures by Thomas Edison
1895 Invention of wireless telegraphy by G Marconi

1899-1902 Britain fights the Boer War in South Africa

1901 Death of Queen Victoria, succeeded by King Edward VII

On the 1901 Census (31 March) she was aged 11, living with her parents at 75 Charles Street, Swinton. (PRO ref RG13 Piece 4402 folio 44 pg 33 + Copy)

After the birth of her daughter in 1907, Emily married Joseph Edmund Plant on 31 May 1909 in Swinton. She was aged 19 and of 80 Charles Street. Her father was shown as Aaron Ardron, a burnisher - deceased. Joseph was a miner, aged 22 and of 78 Charles Street. His father was William Plant, also a miner. (APR + GRO ref Rotherham 9c 1228 Jun 1909)

1908 on 27 April Olympic Games open at White City in London

1908 on 27 October Parliament approves old age pensions (weekly means-tested pension of a maximum of five shillings to all those aged over 70)

1910 Death of King Edward VII, succeeded by King George V

1911 National Insurance Act provides cover against sickness and unemployment

1911 CENSUS?? AGED 21?

Joseph Edmund PLANT (1887 -)
He was born in 1887, the son of William Plant, a miner. (Based on marriage cert) GRO REF?? probably Atherstone 6d 425 Sep 1887

1891 CENSUS?? AGED 3?

1901 CENSUS?? AGED 13? maybe RG13/2897


1) Edna Ardron II (1907 -)
My 3rd cousin twice removed was born on 17 December 1907. Edna was then baptised on 15 January 1908 in Swinton. Her mother was of 80 Charles Street. (APR + GRO ref Rotherham 9c 879 Mar 1908)

1911 CENSUS?? AGED 3?