Ernest ARDRON II (1881 -)


Father: Henry Ardron I (1835 - 1921)
Mother: Emma Turner


Tree extract starting with common ancestor to me:

My 1st cousin 4 times removed was born on 8 May 1881 at 70 Charles Street, Swinton. His father was a labourer. (GRO cert BXBZ611025 + GRO ref Rotherham 9c 669 Jun 1881)

1883 Married women obtain the right to acquire their own property

1884 The Third Reform Act - voting extended to agricultural workers (triples the electorate)

On the 1891 Census (5 April) Ernest was aged 9, living with his parents and six brothers at 70 Charles Street, Swinton. (PRO ref RG12 Enumeration district 13 folio 48 page 126)

1893 Invention of motion pictures by Thomas Edison
1895 Invention of wireless telegraphy by G Marconi

1899-1902 Britain fights the Boer War in South Africa

1901 Death of Queen Victoria, succeeded by King Edward VII

On the 1901 Census (31 March) Ernest was aged 19, a coal miner trammer, living with his parents and 3 brothers at 131 White Lee Road, Swinton. (PRO ref RG13 piece 4402 folio 84 page 37) -- shown as ARDION on index

1908 on 27 April Olympic Games open at White City in London

1908 on 27 October Parliament approves old age pensions (weekly means-tested pension of a maximum of five shillings to all those aged over 70)

1910 Death of King Edward VII, succeeded by King George V

1911 National Insurance Act provides cover against sickness and unemployment

On the 1911 Census (2 April) he was aged 29, a labourer sewage for the Sheffield Corporation, living with his parents at 7 North Street, Ryecroft, Rotherham. (PRO ref RG43 ??

1912 on 15 April sinking of the SS Titanic
1913 on 4 June Suffragette Emily Davison is killed by the king's horse

1914-18 The Great War (World War I)

Ernest married Mary Ann McGinn at Rotherham Register Office by certificate on 2 February 1918. He was a bachelor, a steel worker and aged 36. His father was a coal miner. Mary was a munition worker, aged 31. Her father was Bartholomew McGinn (deceased), formerly a shunter on the railway. Both Ernest and Mary were of 9 Kemps Yard, Swinton. Witnesses were Alfred Robshaw and Eliza Shaw. (GRO cert MXB097252 + GRO ref Rotherham 9c 1208 Mar 1918 - McGinn)

1918 All men over 21 and all women over 30 get the vote


Did Ernest die on 9 September 1953 aged 72 at 6 Midland Cottages, Wath upon Dearne. He is shown as a retired railway platelayer? (GRO ref Rother V. 2c 528 Sep 1953 - [aged] 72) Based on age at death he would have been born in 1881. Did he have a son Charles Henry? - see informant on death certificate given as Charles Henry Ardron, son, present at death, of 4 Boswell Road, Wath upon Dearne!?

Mary Ann MCGINN (1887 -)
She was born in 1887, daughter of Bartholomew McGinn. (Based on age at marriage) GRO REF??

1901 CENSUS?? - AGED 9? (RG13/4319/100/21) But her date of birth would have been later in 1892?

1911 CENSUS?? AGED 19 or 23?


1) Jessie Ardron II (1927 -)
My 2nd cousin 3 times removed was born in 1927. (GRO ref Rotherham 9c 1151 Sep 1927 - McGinn)