Glossary of Terms & Abbreviations Used

Abbreviation used to indicate the primary source of information as being the Anglican Parish Registers of the Church of England. These cover the baptisms, marriages and burials conducted within the separate parishes.

County Codes
DBY - Derbyshire
LAN - Lancashire
YKS - Yorkshire

 The General Register Office for England and Wales. July 1837

GRO cert = where I actually possess a copy of the actual certificate (birth, marriage or death). However the actual number is immaterial as it is just the next certificate issued by the GRO at the time.

GRO ref = the reference given in the index of births, marriages or deaths; on the birth index where a surname is shown after the reference, this is the mother's surname; on the marriage index where a surname is shown after the reference, this is the spouse's surname.

IGI - International Genealogical Index
The IGI is an enormous database created and maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), also known as the Mormons. The Mormons have an extensive program to microfilm vast numbers of old records which are an aid to genealogy. For example, they microfilm records of churches of all denominations, ancient land tax records, military records, shipping lists, and so on. When a parish record is microfilmed, the LDS church extracts the names and details of all christenings and marriages into a database. However it should be noted that the IGI is not always accurate and research should always refer back to the original parish register.

MI - Monumental Inscription

Abbreviation for the Public Records Office

Wills & Admons
When a person dies and leaves money and/or possessions there are two possibilities:
1) a WILL (setting out how the owner wished to distribute the assets) was made before death. In this case an application by the executors to the Registry of the Family Division (Probate) of the High Court of Justice is made. The court examines the Will for legal correctness and then grants probate.
2) no Will was made before death. Therefore the person dies 'Intestate' and the assets are divided among the next of kin in fixed proportions as laid down by the law governing intestacy. In this case the court will grant 'letters of Administration' abbreviated as ADMONS.