Gordon ARDRON II (1938 -)


Father: Jack Gething Ardron (1906 - 1974)
Mother: Florence Ada Trickett


Tree extract starting with common ancestor to me:


My 3rd cousin twice removed was born on xx xx 1938 in the registration district of Doncaster. (Jack Ardron II + GRO ref Doncaster 9c 1142 Jun 1938 - Trickett)


1939-45 World War II
1944 Butler Education Act - framework for new free comprehensive secondary education for all
1947 on 1 January Britain's coal industry is nationalised

1948 National Health Service established

1948 on 29 July the Olympic Games open at Wembley Stadium in London

1952 Death of King George VI, succeeded by Queen Elizabeth II
1954 Rationing resulting from ends

1955 on 22 September commercial television starts with the first ITV broadcast

1956 on 17 October Britain switches on its first nuclear power station at Calder Hall

1959 M1 Motorway punched through the Midlands from Watford to Birmingham


Gordon married Veronica Swallow in 1960 in the registration district of Rotherham. (GRO ref Rotherham 2c 1196 Mar 1960 - Swallow)


Veronica SWALLOW (1940 -)
She was born on xx xx 1940. (Jack Ardron II) This agrees with a GRO index entry. (GRO ref Rotherham 9c 1547 Jun 1940 - Parker)



1) Kevin John Ardron (1963 -)

2) Mark Ardron (1967 -)

3) Neil Ardron (1968 -)