John ARDRON I (1797 - 1868)

Father: Thomas Ardron II (1770 - 1832)
Mother: Ann Barlow

Tree extract starting with common ancestor to me:


My G-G-G-Great Grandfather was born 27 June 1797 and baptised 30 July of that year in Laughton En Le Morthen . (IGI + APR) (Photo - Laughton En Le Morthen Parish Church)

1800 Act of Union with Ireland
1802 Peel introduces the first factory legislation
1803 The Napoleonic Wars begin - Britain declares war on France
1805 Battle of Trafalgar - Nelson destroys the French and Spanish fleets but is killed in the process
1815 Battle of Waterloo - defeat for Napoleon by the Duke of Wellington and the end of the Napoleonic Wars

1820 Death of (Mad) King George III, succeeded by King George IV

John married Martha Beighton in Laughton En Le Morthen on 13 October 1823. (IGI) This is confirmed by the parish records. John's occupation is shown as a miller. (APR)


1825 The World's first railway service, the Stockton and Darlington Railway opens
1829 The Metropolitan Police is established by Robert Peel
1830 Opening of the Liverpool to Manchester Railway
1830 Death of King George IV, succeeded by King William IV
1830-2 First major cholera epidemic in Britain

1833 Abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire
1833 The Factory Act - prohibits children under nine from working in factories and reduces the working hours of women and older children
1834 The Poor Law Act - establishes workhouses for the poor
1837 Invention of the telegraph by S F B Morse

1837 Death of King William IV, succeeded by Queen Victoria
1840 The penny post is started

On the 1841 Census (6 June) John was listed as being the head of household at Upperthorpe, Killamarsh (DBY):
a) John Ardron, 42, blacksmith, [whether born in same county] Y
b) Martha Ardron, 37, Y
c) James Ardron, 12, Y
d) Lucy Ardron, 10, Y
e) William Ardron, 8, Y
f) Henry Ardron, 5, Y
g) Harriet Ardron, 1, Y
(PRO ref HO107/195/13/2/22/9/14) COPY

His eldest daughter is shown as Ann (rather than Mary Ann) and also in Upperthorpe at the residence of George Taylor, a farmer. NEED TO CHECK

On the 1851 Census (30 March) John was listed as head of household at Killamarsh (DBY):
a) John Ardron, head, married, 56, blacksmith, Yorkshire Laughton
b) Martha Ardron, wife, married, 46, Yorkshire Laughton
c) James Ardron, son, 22, coal hewer, Derbyshire Killamarsh
d) Lucy Ardron, daughter, 20, Derbyshire Killamarsh
e) William Ardron, son, 15, coal hewer, Derbyshire Killamarsh
f) Henry Ardron, son, 14, coal hewer, Derbyshire Killamarsh
g) Harriet Ardron, daughter, 10, scholar, Derbyshire Killamarsh
h) Samuel Ardron, son, 9, scholar, Derbyshire Killamarsh
(PRO ref HO107 piece 2148 folio 410 pg 15) COPY

1853 Vaccination against small pox becomes compulsory
1854-6 Britain fights in the Crimean War (Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava)

1857-8 The Indian Mutiny (against British rule)

On the 1861 Census (7 April) John was listed as head of household at Old Lane, Mosbro, Eckington:
a) John Ardron, head, married, 64, journeyman blacksmith, Yorkshire Laughton
b) Martha Ardron, wife, married, 55, Yorkshire Maltby
c) William Upton, boarder, married, 32, agricultural labourer, Northamptonshire Easton [his son-in-law]
d) Lucy Upton, boarder, married, 30, Derbyshire Killamarsh [his daughter having married William above in 1858]
e) George A Beadsley, boarder, 7, scholar, Derbyshire Eckington [his grandson, now assuming the name of his natural father?]
(PRO ref RG9 piece 3534 folio 101 pg 7) COPY

1863 London Underground opens (Metropolitan Line)
1868 Last public hanging

He died on 6 February 1868 at Kilnhurst, Swinton. He was aged 70 and a blacksmith. He died of bronchitis. The informant was S. Ardron, in attendance. (GRO cert DXZ902566 + GRO ref Rotherham 9c 316 Mar 1868 - age 70)

Based on the APR, he died aged 71 and was buried on 9 February 1868 in Kilnhurst. (APR)

Martha BEIGHTON (1804 - 1877)
My G-G-G-Great Grandmother was born circa 1804/5. (Based on her age at 1841 and 1851 Censuses) Her parents were Samuel Beighton and Elizabeth Robinson. (Carol Ackroyd)

Martha was baptised on 18 August 1806 at Maltby, Yorks. (Carol Ackroyd)

On the 1871 Census (2 April) Martha was listed as head of household for 1 Barton's Yard, Kilnhurst:
a) Martha Ardron, head, widow, 64, receiving parochial relief, Yorkshire Stone
b) George Ardron, grandson, unmarried, 17, colliery lamp cleaner, Derbyshire Killamarsh {now reverting back to being George Ardron as opposed to Beadsley]
(PRO ref RG10 piece 4712 folio 64 pg 4) COPY

She was buried on 25 March 1877 at Kilnhurst. (Carol Ackroyd) GRO REF??


1) Mary Ann Ardron I (1826 -)
My G-G-G-Great Aunt was baptised in Killamarsh (DBY) on 19 November 1826. (IGI + APR)

1841 CENSUS?? AGED 14?

Mary married George Bartholomew on 22 September 1845 at Chesterfield Parish Church. (Julia Baylys + GRO ref Chesterfield 19 468 Sep 1845)

1851 CENSUS?? AGED 24?

2) James Ardron II (1828 - 1902)


3) Lucy Ardron I (1831 - 1865)


4) William Ardron III (1833 - 1868)


5) Henry Ardron I (1835 - 1921)

6) Harriet Ardron II (1839 - )
My G-G-G-Great Aunt was baptised in Killamarsh (DBY) on 30 December 1839. (APR) Her birth was registered early on in 1840. (GRO ref Chesterfield 19 459 Mar 1840 - name shown as Harriot?)

On the 1841 Census (6 June) Harriet was aged 1, living with her parents at Upperthorpe, Killamarsh (DBY). (PRO ref HO107/195/13/2/22/9/14)

On the 1851 Census (30 March) she was aged 10, a school girl, living with her parents Killamarsh, Derbyshire. (PRO ref HO107 piece 2148 folio 410 pg 15)

Harriet married Joseph Unwin on 27 December 1857 in Eckington. She was aged 18. Her father was a blacksmith and of Old Lane, Eckington. Joseph was aged 24 and a labourer. His father was Robert Unwin, a miner, also of Old Lane, Eckington. (APR) This is confirmed by a GRO index entry. (GRO ref Chesterfield 7b 902 Dec 1857)

1861 CENSUS?? AGED 22?

1871 CENSUS?? AGED 32?

On the 1881 Census (3 April) Harriet and Joseph were shown as living at Terrace Square, Hooton Road, Rawmarsh with their 4 daughters and 4 sons. Joseph was now a coal miner. (PRO ref RG11 piece 4680 folio 17 pg 3)

Her husband Joseph died in 1886. (See below)

On the 1891 Census (5 April) she is as aged 51, a widow and a pauper at Collingwood Terrace, Bolton on Dearne, Doncaster with one son and two daughters. (PRO ref RG12 piece 3860 folio 35 pg 24)

1901 CENSUS?? AGED 61?

1911 CENSUS?? AGED 71?

Joseph Unwin (1833 - 1886)
He was born in 1833, son of Robert Unwin, a miner. (Based on age at marriage)

Joseph died in Bolton on Dearne in 1886 aged 54. (Jeanne ?who?) 

7) Samuel Ardron V (1842 - 1908)