Keith ARDRON I (1929 -)

Father: Cyril Ardron I (1900 - 1983)

Mother: Dorothy Caroline Harris

Tree extract starting with common ancestor to me:


My 1st cousin twice removed was born on xx xx 1929 at Ingle Nook, 200 Willow Garth, Rawmarsh. His father was still a farmer of Sandhill Farm, Rawmarsh and the informant was his mother also resident at the farm. (GRO cert BXBZ296222 + GRO ref Rotherham 9c 1125 Jun 1929 - Harris)


1929 on 24 October the Wall Street Crash sparks the Great Depression

1931 Financial crisis and run on the pound (Britain abandons the gold standard)

1935 in July the first Penguin paperbacks go on sale, costing just 6 pence, bringing literature to the masses

1936 Death of King George V, succeeded by King Edward VIII
1936 Abdication of King Edward VIII in order to marry Wallace Simpson, succeeded by King George VI

1939-45 World War II
1944 Butler Education Act - framework for new free comprehensive secondary education for all
1947 on 1 January Britain's coal industry is nationalised

1948 National Health Service established

1948 on 29 July the Olympic Games open at Wembley Stadium in London

1952 Death of King George VI, succeeded by Queen Elizabeth II
1954 Rationing resulting from ends

Keith married Mary Sharp in 1954. (Evelyn Ardron) This agrees with a GRO index entry. (GRO ref Hemsworth 2b 1484 Sep 1954 - Sharp)

Subsequently they moved to Northern Ireland and from there to Canada, probably sometime after the birth of their son David. (Evelyn Ardron)



1) Susan Ardron (1955 -)
My 2nd cousin once removed was born in 1955 in the registration district of Hemsworth. (Evelyn Ardron + GRO ref Hemsworth 2b 826 Dec 1955 - Sharp)

Susan married Jon Patch. (Evelyn Ardron)

2) Ian Ardron III (1957 - 1979)
My 2nd cousin once removed was born in 1957. (Evelyn Ardron) However no GRO index entry can be found.

He died in 1979. (Evelyn Ardron)

3) David Neil Ardron (1959 -)

4) Stephen Patrick Ardron (1967 -)

My 2nd cousin once removed was born in 1967. (Evelyn Ardron)

He married Katerina. (Evelyn Ardron)

Katerina ??