Oscar ARDRON II (1883 -)

Father: Charles Ardron II (1858 -)
Mother: Sarah Jane Bowns

Tree extract starting with common ancestor to me:

My 1st cousin 3 times removed was born on 8 March 1883 at 3 Stall/Hall(?) Street, Rawmarsh. His father was a furnace labourer. The informant was his mother of the same address. (GRO ref Rotherham 9c 667 Mar 1883 + GRO cert BXBZ694382)

1883 Married women obtain the right to acquire their own property

1884 The Third Reform Act - voting extended to agricultural workers (triples the electorate)

On the 1891 Census (5 April) Oscar was aged 8, living with his parents at 9 Alma Street, Wombwell. (PRO ref RG12 piece 3778 folio 6 pg 5)

1893 Invention of motion pictures by Thomas Edison
1895 Invention of wireless telegraphy by G Marconi

1899-1902 Britain fights the Boer War in South Africa

1901 Death of Queen Victoria, succeeded by King Edward VII

On the 1901 Census (31 March) he was aged 18, a coal mine rope boy underground, living with his parents at 9 Alma Street, Wombwell. (PRO ref RG13 piece 4320 folio 52 pg 8)

Oscar married Nellie Lee on 19 September 1904 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Wombwell, Barnsley by certificate. He was 21, a bachelor and coal miner of 9 Alma Street, Wombwell. His father was also a coal miner. Nellie was also aged 21 and a spinster of 38 Barnsley Road, Wombwell. Her father was Thomas Lee, a cycle dealer. Witnesses were Lewis Davis and Maud Davis. (GRO ref Barnsley 9c 388 Sep 1904 + GRO cert MXB152933)

1908 on 27 April Olympic Games open at White City in London

1908 on 27 October Parliament approves old age pensions (weekly means-tested pension of a maximum of five shillings to all those aged over 70)

1910 Death of King Edward VII, succeeded by King George V         

1911 National Insurance Act provides cover against sickness and unemployment


On the 1911 Census (2 April) Oscar was listed as head of household for 131 Hough Lane, Wombwell:

a) Oscar Ardron, head, 28, married (2 years), insurance agent - Royal London, worker, Parkgate Yorkshire

b) Nellie Ardron, wife, 28, married (2 years), Wombwell Yorkshire

c) Phylis Ardron, daughter, 3, Wombwell Yorkshire

d) Irving Ardron, son, 10 months, Wombwell Yorkshire

e) Charles Ardron, father, 52, married (3 years), own account, Kilnhurst Yorkshire
f) Sarah Jane Ardron, mother, 52, married (3 years), Rawmarsh Yorkshire
g) Carrie Tonks(?), servant, 18, single, Wombwell Yorkshire

The record shows Nellie having had a total of 2 children born alive in present marriage, 2 still living and 0 having died.
The record shows Sarah Jane having had a total of 3 children born alive in present marriage, 3 still living and 0 having died.

The property consisted of 7 rooms (including kitchen but excluding scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom, warehouse, office or shop if present).

(PRO ref RG14 ??)


Did Oscar die in 1965 aged 82? (GRO ref Staincross 2D 479 Dec 1965 - [aged] 82 (very blurry) Based on being aged 82 at death he would have been born in 1883.

Nellie LEE (1883 -)
She was born in 1883, the daughter of Thomas Lee. (Based on aged at marriage) GRO REF??

On the 1891 Census (5 April) Nellie was aged 8, living with her parents (Thomas, an iron moulder (46), Mary A. (45)) and four sisters (Ada (22), Edith (18), Gertrude (14), Florrie (12)) at 45 Exchange Street, Doncaster. (PRO ref RG12/3778/55/47)

On the 1901 Census (31 March) Nellie was aged 16, living with her parents (Thomas, an iron moulder (56), Mary A. (55)) and one sister (Florrie (22)) at 7 Exchange Street, Doncaster. (PRO ref RG13/4413/??/??)

Nellie appears to have been a witness to the marriage of her future brother in law, Ernest Ardron I (1879 - 1943) to his first wife Cecilia Haughton at Wombwell Parish Church in December 1902.


Did Nellie die in 1970 based on probate records: “Ardron, Nellie of 63A High St Wombwell Barnsley died 13 January 1970. Probate Leeds 27 April. £11203.”? She would have been aged 87. Though need to check GRO index as my transcript of the death index does not show a death recorded!


1) Phyllis Ardron (1908 -)
My 2nd cousin twice removed was born in 1908 at Wombwell. (GRO ref Barnsley 9c 294 Mar 1908 + Mary Gwynne + 1911 Census)

On the 1911 Census (2 April) she was aged 3, living with her parents at 131 Hough Lane, Wombwell. (PRO ref RG14 ??)

She married in 1933 at Barnsley to ? Martin. (GRO ref Barnsley 9c 559 Dec 1933 - Martin)

2) Irving Ardron (1910 - 1955)
My 2nd cousin twice removed was born in 1910 at Wombwell. (1911 Census + GRO ref Barnsley 9c 320 Jun 1910)

On the 1911 Census (2 April) he was aged 10 months, living with his parents at 131 Hough Lane, Wombwell. (PRO ref RG14 ??)

Did Irving marry in 1942 to ?? Jennings (GRO ref Edmonton 3a 2389 Jun 1942 – Jennings). He would have been aged 32 at marriage.

He died in 1955 aged 45 years. (GRO ref Edmonton 5e 273 Sep 1955 – [aged] 45)