Reuben ARDRON (1880 - 1937)

Father: Samuel Ardron V (1842 - 1908)
Mother: Margaret Cryle

Tree extract starting with common ancestor to me:

My 1st cousin 4 times removed was born on 10 June 1880 at Piccadilly, Swinton. His father was a coal miner. (GRO cert CJ405541 + GRO ref Rotherham 9c 701 Jun 1880) He was baptised on 31 October 1880 in Kilnhurst. (APR) (Photo - Kilnhurst Parish Church)

On the 1881 Census (3 April) Rueben was aged 9 months and living with his parents at 24 Piccadily Road, Kilnhurst. (PRO ref RG11 piece 4683 folio 124 page 27)

1884 The Third Reform Act - voting extended to agricultural workers (triples the electorate)
1899-1902 Britain fights the Boer War in South Africa

On the 1891 Census (5 April) he was aged 10 and living with his parents at Blackamoor Cottages, Rawmarsh (Upper Haugh). (PRO ref RG12 piece 3852 folio 121 page 16)

1901 Death of Queen Victoria

On the 1901 Census (31 March) he was aged 20, a coal miner trammer, living with his parents at 36 Rockingham Road, Swinton. (PRO ref RG13 piece 4400 folio 178 page 15)

Reuben married Mary Ann Gething on 27 October 1903 at the Parish Church of Swinton after the reading of banns. He was aged 23, a miner and of 12 Warren Vale Road. His father, Samuel Ardron, was also a miner. Mary Ann was also aged 23 and a spinster of 36 Rockingham Yard. Her father was George Gething, a miner. The witnesses were John Nightingdale and Elizabeth Gething. (GRO cert MXA909647 + GRO ref Rotherham 9c 1168 Dec 1903)

He was the landlord of the Greyhound Public House, Dronfield (DBY) for approximately two years, circa 1905/7. (Jack Ardron II + see photo above)

On the 1911 Census (2 April) Reuben was listed as head of household for 9 Piccadilly, Swinton:

a) Reuben Ardron, head, 30, married (7 years), coal miner hewer, worker, Yorkshire Piccadilly

b) Mary Ann Ardron, wife, 31, married (7 years), Staffordshire Round Oak

c) Edna Ardron, daughter, 5, school, Yorkshire Swinton

d) Jack Gething Ardron, son, 4, Derbyshire Dronfield

e) Barnett Cryle Ardron, son, 3, Yorkshire Piccadilly

f) Norman Ardron, son, 1, Yorkshire Piccadilly

The record shows Mary Ann having had a total of 4 children born alive in present marriage, 4 still living and 0 having died.
The property consisted of 4 rooms (including kitchen but excluding scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom, warehouse, office or shop if present).

(PRO ref RG14 ??)

1914-18 The Great War (World War I)
1918 All men over 21 and all women over 30 are given the vote

After the death of his first wife, Reuben married Maud Scott on 25 July 1920 in Swinton. He was aged 40, a miner and resident at 9 Piccadily Road. Maud was also a widow, aged 39. Her father was William Ashton, a fireman of 90 Fitzwilliam Street. (APR) This agrees with a GRO index entry. (GRO ref Rotherham 9c 1717 Sep 1920 - Scott)

Reuben died on 16 January 1937, aged 56, at the Montagu Hospital, Mexborough. He was of 45 Brookfield Avenue, Swinton. (Newspaper Article (see below) + GRO ref Doncaster 9c 1086 Mar 1937 [aged] 56)

His funeral arrangements were handled by 'Alfred Bull: Complete Funeral Furnisher' trading from Clarence House, 161 Station Street, Swinton. The bill dated Jan 21 1937 was for 18 12s. 6d. This was inclusive of:
1 best panelled coffin, lined and upholstered in embossed silk
1 set of cream satin side sheets trimmed with beige silk lace, with pillow, veil, etc
1 set of silver casket handles with lug(?) rings
Removal from Montague Hospital to Brookfield Avenue
Hire of motor hearse
Hire of 5 saloons
Burial fees (double) at Kilnhurst (paid)
Bearers fees (paid)
(Memorandum - Alfred Bull: Complete Funeral Furnisher)

He was buried on 19 January 1937 at St Thomas Church, Kilnhurst. (NBI - Parish Register)

An inquest into his death was held at the Montagu Hospital, Doncaster. The conclusion was that he died of natural causes. (Newspaper Article given by Jack Ardron, date + publication unknown) (Newspaper Article in full)

Mary Ann GETHING (1880 - 1917)
She was born on 26 March 1880. Her parents were George Gething (born 12 July 1855) and Mary Ann Marson (born 25 September 1853) (Jack Ardron II + based on age at marriage)

1881 CENSUS?? AGED 1?

1891 CENSUS?? AGED 11?

1901 CENSUS?? AGED 21?

Mary Ann died on 23 December 1917 in the registration district of Rotherham aged 37. (Jack Ardron II + GRO ref Rotherham 9c 791 Dec 1917 - [aged] 37)

She was buried on 26 December 1917 at St Thomas Church, Kilnhurst. (NBI - Parish Register)

Maud SCOTT (Nee ASKIN) (1880 - 1938)
Maud's maiden name was ASHTON based on a reading of the Parish Register entry for her marriage showing her father's name. However in the GRO Births Index her maiden name for the birth of her two children with Rueben shows it to be ASKIN. I am more in favour of believing the GRO index.

Maud was born on 26 March 1880. (Jack Ardron II + based on her age at death)

1881 CENSUS?? AGED 1?

1891 CENSUS?? AGED 11?

1901 CENSUS?? AGED 21?

Maud was buried in Swinton on 11 November 1938. She was resident at 45 Brookfield Avenue and was aged 58 years. (APR) The death agrees with a GRO index entry. (GRO ref 9c 646 Dec 1938 - [aged] 58)


1) Edna Ardron I (1905 -)
My 2nd cousin 3 times removed was born on 16 June 1905 and was baptised 23 July of that year in Swinton. Her parents were of 36 Rockingham Road. (APR) This agrees with a GRO index entry. (GRO ref Rotherham 9c 799 Sep 1905)

On the 1911 Census (2 April) she was aged 5, a school girl, living with her parents at 9 Piccadilly, Swinton. (PRO ref 14 ??)

2) Jack Gething Ardron (1906 - 1974)


3) Barnett Cryle Ardron (1908 - 1975)


4) Norman Ardron I (1909 - 1971)



1) Alan Askin Ardron (1921 - 1990)

2) Joan Ardron I (1923 - 2003)
My 2nd cousin 3 times removed was born on 20 November 1923 in the registration district of Rotherham. (Jack Ardron II + GRO ref Rotherham 9c 1277 Dec 1923 - Askin)

Joan married Ronald Ward in 1945. (Jack Ardron II + GRO ref Rother V. 9c 1722 Jun 1945 - Ward)

She died on 22 April 2003 at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. (Jack Ardron II)