Samuel ARDRON I (1782 -)


Father: Thomas Ardron I (1739 - 1797)

Mother: Ann

Tree extract starting with common ancestor to me:


My G-G-G-G-G-Great Uncle was born on 8 September 1782 and was baptised on 13 October of that year in Laughton En Le Morthen . His father was a blacksmith and his mother is shown as Ann. (APR) (Photo - Laughton En Le Morthen Parish Church)

1783 Britain recognises American Independence at the Peace of Versailles
1789 Outbreak of the French Revolution
1792 Coal gas used for lighting for the first time
1796 Vaccination against small pox is introduced
1800 Act of Union with Ireland
1802 Peel introduces the first factory legislation
1803 The Napoleonic Wars begin - Britain declares war on France

Samuel married Elizabeth Darwent on 19 February 1805 at Sheffield Cathedral. (APR)

1805 Battle of Trafalgar - Nelson destroys the French and Spanish fleets but is killed in the process
1815 Battle of Waterloo - defeat for Napoleon by the Duke of Wellington and the end of the Napoleonic Wars
1825 The World's first railway service, the Stockton and Darlington Railway opens
1829 The Metropolitan Police is established by Robert Peel

1830 Opening of the Liverpool to Manchester Railway
1830-2 First major cholera epidemic in Britain
1833 Abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire
1833 The Factory Act - prohibits children aged less than nine from working in factories and reduces the working hours of women and older children
1834 The Poor Law Act - establishes workhouses for the poor
1840 The penny post is started

On the 1841 Census (6 June) Samuel was shown as being head of household at Holly Street, Sheffield:
a) Samuel Ardron, 55, scale presser, Y
b) Elizabeth Ardron, 65, Y
c) Chas Wingfield, 15, ??, Y
d) Elizabeth Rowland, 15, F.S., Y
(PRO ref HO107/1338/6/13/6/7/16) COPY

By 1849 Samuel had set up a manufacturing business in Sheffield:
Ardron, Samuel and Son, horn pressers and Britannia metal ware manufacturers, 12 Holly Street; house, court 32 Thomas Street ("General Directory of the Town & Borough of Sheffield with Rotherham, Chesterfield and all the parishes, townships, villages and hamlets within a circuit of about 12 miles round the capital of Hallamshire" by William White, 1849)

On the 1851 Census (30 March) Samuel was shown as being head of household for 12 Holly Street, Sheffield:
a) Samuel Ardron, head, married, 68, proprietor Britannia Metal Manufacturer employs 13 men & 2 boys, Yorkshire Laughton En Le Morthen
b) Elizabeth Ardron, wife, married, 74, Yorkshire Sheffield
c) Samuel Ardron, son, married, 44, proprietor Britannia Metal Manufacturer employs 13 men & 2 boys, Yorkshire Sheffield
d) Eliza Ardron, wife of son, married, 41, Yorkshire Sheffield
e) Maria Ardron, granddaughter, 15, unmarried, Yorkshire Sheffield
f) Samuel Ardron, grandson, 13, Yorkshire Sheffield
g) Thomas Ardron, grandson, 10, Yorkshire Sheffield
h) Charles Ardron, grandson, 8, Yorkshire Sheffield
i) Ann Ardron, granddaughter, 4, Yorkshire Sheffield
(PRO ref HO107 piece 2338 folio 259 pg 24) – shown as ADRON on index COPY

The business was also listed in 1857:
Ardron, Samuel & Son, scale pressers, 12 Holly Street
("Post Office Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire, 1857" - Sheffield, Commercial)

Did Samuel die in 1860 – 3 March (GRO ref Ecclesall B 9c 174 Mar 1860). He would have been aged circa 78.
Was his will probated 24 May 1860 –“
24 May the will of Samuel Ardron late of Sheffield in the county of York deceased who died 3 March 1860 at Sheffield aforesaid was proved at Wakefield by the oaths of John Merrill of Sheffield aforesaid Horn Merchant and James Brinnen of the same place Butcher the executors. Effects under £100” (Wills & Admons, 1860)

Elizabeth DARWENT (1777 -)
She was born in 1777 at Sheffield. (Based on 1851 Census)


1) Samuel Ardron II (1807 -)

2) Eliza Ardron (1808 -)
My 1st cousin 6 times removed was baptised on 14 August 1808 at St Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield. (IGI)

3) Thomas Ardron IV (1810 -)
My 1st cousin 6 times removed was baptised on 29 July 1810 at St Peter’s Cathedral, Sheffield. (IGI)

4) Joseph Ardron III (1811 -)
My 1st cousin 6 times removed was baptised on 4 August 1811 at St Peter’s Cathedral, Sheffield. (IGI)

5) John Ardron II (1813 -)
My 1st cousin 6 times removed was baptised on 10 September 1813 at St Peter’s Cathedral, Sheffield. (IGI)

1861 CENSUS?? – AGED 48? Harmer(?) Lane Gardens, Sheffield
a) Elizabeth Farmer, head, widow, 34, dress maker, Fissingley(?) Nottinghamshire
b) Annie S Farmer, daughter, unmarried, 15, Sheffield Yorkshire
c) Samuel Adson, boarder, widower, 54, metal smith, Sheffield Yorkshire [John’s brother]
d) John Adson, boarder, married, 47, seal presser, Sheffield Yorkshire
e) Samuel Adson, boarder, 3, Sheffield Yorkshire
PRO ref RG9 piece 3487 flio 133 pg 26) – shown as Adson on index and on the census
Who’s son was Samuel aged 3 – born 1858? No GRO birth index entry
When and to who did John marry?

6) Ann Ardron III (1815 -)
My 1st cousin 6 times removed was baptised on 11 June 1815 at St Peter’s Cathedral, Sheffield. (IGI)