Simon Anthony ARDRON (1973 -)

Father: Derrick Ardron (1947 -)
Mother: Patricia Anne Peel

Tree extract starting with common ancestor to me:

                  • 9.4 Simon Anthony Ardron (1973 -)

I was born at Glenroyd Maternity Hospital, Blackpool, Lancashire on xx xx 1973. My parentsí usual address was 20 Kinnerton Place. My father is an Accountant. (GRO ref Blackpool 10b 1595 Jun 1973 - Peel)

I gained a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours from Loughborough University of Technology in 1994 and a Master of Science degree from the University of Wales, College of Cardiff in 1995.

I married Alison Mary Cringle at St. Ninian's CofE Church, Douglas, Isle of Man on xx xx 1998 at 3pm. Alison's father is Captain Ramsey Kee Cringle, a Master Mariner (retired). Witnesses were Andrew Ardron and Heather Cringle.

On 1 July 2001 my family and I moved to Rome, Italy. As a result we appear on the 2001 Italian Census at the following address: Viale Egeo, 14.

We returned to the United Kingdom on 1 June 2002.

Alison Mary CRINGLE (1973 -)
My wife was born on xx xx 1973 at Nobles Hospital, Douglas, Isle of Man. She is the eldest daughter of Captain Ramsey Kee Cringle MNI and Doris McMaster Wilson.

Alison gained a Master of Arts degree with Honours in French and Latin from the University of Edinburgh in 1995 and gained a Master of Arts degree with Distinction in Translation (French to English) from the University of Surrey in 1999.


1) Heather Ruby Ardron (2000 -)
Our daughter was born at Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey on Friday xx xx 2000 at 12.35pm weighing 8lbs 2oz. (GRO ref West Surrey 2000 November district no 7611B reg no B15B ent no 101 dor 1100 - Cringle)

Heather was baptised on Sunday xx xx 2001 at Bracknell Methodist Church, Shepherd Lane, Bracknell. Her god parents are Andrew Ardron, Heather Cringle and Pauline Clarke.

2) Louis Paul Ardron (2002 -)
Our son was born at Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey on Sunday xx xx 2002 at 8.59pm weighing 8lbs. (GRO ref West Surrey 2002 December district no 7611A reg no A22B ent no 164 dor 1202 - Cringle)

Louis was baptised on xx xx 2003 at All Saints Church, Binfield. His god parents were Caroline Ardron, Franz Knauseder and Kirsty and Damian Haasjes.