July 21, 2001

George William Arnold Sr. - Life Events – 1809 thru 1886

1809 - Born in New York, New York. It is not know as of yet who his parents were. The Census records of 1850 and 1870 indicated that George was born in Georgetown, Washington D.C., however, additional death certificates of his children indicate the George was born in New York, New York. His birth year is derived from deducting the age from the age indicated on the 1870 Census Record. In addition the obituary below states that George was in the 77th year of his life, therefore, it is concluded that he must have been born after February of 1809

NOTE: - It is the belief of Mike Bartholomew and Percy Martin, Arnold family historian, that George Arnold, the baker of Baltimore, was in fact born in New York, New York. It is our opinion that for whatever reason, George attempted to conceal the location of his birth by the lack of documented evidence of his birth location.

1826 - As recorded in the District of Columbia, Indentures of Apprenticeships 1801- 1893, Apprenticeship No. 1411 (Vol III, 466-467 states:

Benedict Arnold to John White Recorded 1 Dec 1826. Benedict Arnold, an orphan aged 17 on 14 July 1826, is apprenticed until age 21, with John White, to learn the trade of a baker. (16 Nov 1826). Note: Benedict would have been aged 21 in the year 1830. It is later in these writings that George Arnold, (alias Benedict) did in fact become a prominent citizen and sucessful baker of Baltimore, Md.


1830 - This is the year according to a story written by his famous son Samuel that Benedict migrated to Georgetown in the Washington DC area (Arnold story, Baltimore American, Dec. 1902), however, this is in conflict to the 1826 Apprenticeship Indenture indicating Benedict was already in the DC area as a Bakers apprentice.


Nov 8, 1831 - George W. and Mary Jane Bland were married in Washington, DC.


1833 - George William Arnold Jr., George and Mary Jane's first child was born in Georgetown, District of Columbia. The birth date of George William Arnold Jr. was obtained by deducting his age at the 1850 Census. The 1850 Census was obtained at the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Md.

Jun 3, 1834 - On this date George William Arnold Sr. (alias Benedict Arnold) had a Mortgage of Personal Property drawn up. The text of same is as follows.

Mortgage of Personal Property

From Benedict Arnold to Martha K. Bland

June 3, 1834

Benedict Arnold gave a mortgage on his personal property to Martha K. Bland consisting of:

two beds and bedding, one bureau, a pair of side tables, a dozen chairs, a pine table, a cradle, a carpet, earthenware, a stove, andirons, a waiter, a toilet table, one dozen knives and forks, a dutch oven, an iron pot, a tea kettle, a pair of tongs and shovel, a pair of lamps, 2 pair of candlesticks, a small looking glass, 3 pictures and frames, a trunk, 2 chests, a pair of sat? irons, and a dozen iron spoons.

Must pay plus interest in 18 months.

(seal) Signed Benedict Arnold


Sep 6, 1834 - Samuel Bland Arnold, George and Mary Jane's second son was born in Georgetown, District of Columbia. The birth date of Samuel Bland Arnold was obtained from his death certificate received at the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Md.


1835 - As per George Kackley, Oak Hill there is an unclaimed letter in the Georgetown post office under the name of Arnold, Benedict, the letter was postmarked July 15, 1835.


1838 - It was about this year that George William Sr. and Mary Jane came to Baltimore from Washington DC. Theodore Frank Arnold was born in this year.


1838 - Theodore Frank Arnold, George and Mary Jane's third son was born in Maryland. The birth date of Theodore was obtained by deducting his age at the 1850 Census.


1840 - The 1840 census of Baltimore, Maryland indicates that "B. Arnold" was head of household in the fourth ward. (The B. Arnold was a cryptic initial for Benedict Arnold, who was the Baker of Baltimore before he changed his name.


Mar 28, 1840 - Charles Albert Arnold, George and Mary Jane's fourth son was born in Maryland. The birth year of Charles was obtained by deducting his age at the 1850 Census. And the birth month and day was found in the Book "Memoirs of a Lincoln Conspirator" edited by Mike Kauffman. The birth month and years was verified by the 1900 census record.


1840 - 1841 - The Matchett's Baltimore Director, for 1840-1; lists as follows on page 50: "Arnold Benedict, baker, 61 Fayette st w of Liberty" (Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland, City Directory Index) This directory shows the bakery at 61 Fayette st w of Liberty.


Apr 6, 1841 - George William Arnold's real name was Benedict Arnold. He used the occasion of opening up his new shop to rid himself of considerable embarrassment (the embarrassment must have been because of having the same name as the traitor, General Benedict Arnold) he legally changed his name to George William Arnold. It was passed at an extra session of the Maryland General Assembly, at Annapolis, Maryland. (Laws Made and Passed by the General Assembly of the State of Maryland, 1841, Extra Session, Chapter 37, Law Library, Court of Appeals Building, Annapolis, Maryland) The Law reads as follows:

"Passed April 6, An act to change the name of Benedict Arnold, of the City of Baltimore, to George William Arnold."

"Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, That the name of Benedict Arnold, of the city of Baltimore, be, and the same is hereby changed to George William Arnold; and that he shall be, at all times, and in all respects, entitled to use the name of George William Arnold, as if the same had been given him in baptism."

Note: An extremely interesting article was written by Percy "Pep" Martin on the name changing of Benedict to George. The article was titled "In The Shadow of Dishonor" and I invite all persons to read Mr. Martins brillant conclusions.

The new bakery was the G.W. Arnold Bakery. The store was located on the corner of Fayette and Park Streets in Baltimore City. This was an affluent neighborhood and the Arnold family lived above the shop. (Percy Martin, History Trails, Autumn 1990) The Baltimore Directory of 1845 shows the GW Arnold Bakery at 104 Fayette st.


Jan 25, 1842 - William Ferdinand Chatard Arnold is born in Baltimore, Maryland to George William and Mary Jane Bland. The existence of William F. Arnold was found in the book "Listing of Deaths and Marriages in the Baltimore Sun Papers". The birth date of William F. Arnold was derived from the infants obituary, May 31, 1842 which states that the child was 4 months and 4 days old.


May 29, 1842 - William F. C. Arnold dies in Baltimore, Maryland at age 4 months and 4 days. The cause of his death is not known nor is known where he may have been interned.


Jan 21, 1845 - Deed of Trust between Aquilla K. Arnold of Georgetown and George W. Arnold of Baltimore City.

Whereas Aquilla K. Arnold is indebted to George W. Arnold for $250.00 plus interest.

Aquilla K. Arnold provides as security his half of a fishing outfit he holds jointly with James Thechker (used for fishing in the Potomac)


A seine of 400 fathoms, with cork, lines and ropes, 2 seine boats of 8 oars and 14 oars respectively, cooking apparatus, lamps and other implements. Aquilla K. Arnold to retain use thereof unless defaulting.

Signed Aquilla K. Arnold


1845 - 1853 - The G.W. Arnold bakery was located at 104 Fayette St.


1845 - The Baltimore Directory for 1845, page 11, states "Arnold, G.W., baker and confectioner, 104 Fayette st.


Mar 6, 1845 - William Stockton Arnold, George and Mary Jane's fifth living son was born in Maryland. William's birth date is a tombstone inscription at St. Lukes Church Cemetery in Monkton, Maryland.


Jun 17, 1848 - Florence Arnold, George and Mary Jane's first daughter was born in Maryland. The birth date of Florence was obtained by deducting her age at the 1850 Census. In addition, the obituary of Florence indicates that she was 3 years and 14 days old at her death on July 1, 1851. (Note: It was reported by Mike Kauffman that Florence died at age five. However, the obituary indicates Florence was 3 years old.


1848 - Record of George in the Baltimore area, Hookstown, Baltimore County. Purchased a 118 acre farm one half mile east of the town which he deeded over to his wife's brother, William J. Bland. (Land records of Baltimore County - Liber ABW # 395, Folio 31 - 3/3/1848 and Liber AG#6, Folio 411 - 10/16/1853) Later Mary Jane Bland, George W. Sr's wife, bought back 25 acres which she held in abeyance for her youngest son and daughter, William and Oreon. (Wills, Baltimore County - Liber JLR#3, Folio 65 - 11/29/1865). The Arnold log house (on what became Park Heights Avenue and Northern Parkway in northwest Baltimore) was demolished in 1910.

1850 - George and his family appear in the 1850 census of Baltimore City. The 1850 census enumerated on the 15th of July 1850 House No. 1113, Family No. 117

George W. Arnold, Age 41, Male, Baker, Real Estate Value $5000, Place of Birth - Georgetown, DC

Mary Arnold, Age 35, Female, Place of Birth - Maryland

George Arnold, Age 17, Male, Place of Birth - Georgetown DC

Samuel B Arnold, Age 15, Male, Place of Birth - Georgetown DC

Theodore F Arnold, Age 12, Male, Place of Birth - Md

Charles A Arnold, Age 11, Male, Place of Birth - Md

William S Arnold, Age 3, Male, Place of Birth - Md

Florence Arnold, Age 2, Female, Place of Birth - Md

Ellen Ring, Age 28, Female, Place of Birth - Delaware

George Pritchard, Age 27, Male, Journeyman Baker, Place of Birth - England

Charles Song, Age 20, Male, Journeyman Baker, Place of Birth - Maryland

Edward Ritz, Age 17, Male, Journeyman Baker, Place of Birth - Germany

Lawrence Lukehart, Age 18, Male, Journeyman Baker, Place of Birth - Germany

John Richards, Age 25, Male, Journeyman Baker, Place of Birth - Germany

Nathan Hall, Age 30, Male, Black, Labourer, Place of Birth - Maryland

Elijah Anderson, Age 45, Male, Molato, Labourer, Place of Birth - Maryland

Bridget Kelly, Age 18, Female, Place of Birth - Ireland

Hannah Aipes, Age 17, Female, Black

Note: It was evident by the quantity of above persons living in the Arnold household that George was well to do and his business must have been doing well. Housing all the above persons must have taken a considerably large home.


July 1, 1851 - Florence Arnold, George and Mary's first born daughter, dies at age 3. She is buried at Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md., Area P, Lot No. 40. (Obituary, Baltimore Sun, July 2, 1851)


July 2, 1851 – Obituary – Baltimore Sun

On the 1st infant Florence aged 3 yrs and 14 days, daughter of G.W. and Mary J. Arnold

The friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral on this Wednesday after noon at 5 o’clock from her parents residence on Fayette St.

(Baltimore Sun July 2, 1851)


Nov 12, 1853 - Oreon Mann Arnold, George and Mary Jane's second daughter was born in Maryland. The birth year (1854) of Oreon was obtained by deducting her age at the 1870 Census she was 16 years old at this time. However, the 1853 date was provided by Mike Kauffman (Memoirs of a Lincoln Conspirator). The date was later verified by Dennis & Margaret Doyle of Dale City, Va. Dennis is a descendant of Oreon Mann Arnold.


1855 - The G.W. Arnold Bakery was located at 120 W. Fayette St. in Baltimore City, Maryland.


1855 - 1855 and 1857 "Among the social activities, peculiar to the men, was the joining of volunteer fire companies such as that of the Liberty firehouse in the triangle formed by Park Street (later Park Avenue), Liberty, and Fayette streets." In 1855 and again in 1857 George William Arnold Sr. became the President of the fire company. (Percy Martin, History Trails, Autumn 1990), (History of Baltimore City and County, Scharf, Arbutus Library, 975.2 Ref, page 247)


1857 - In the Baltimore Directory George took advertisements for his bakery. The writings of one of these ads is as follows:

Geo. W. Arnold

No. 118 West Fayette Street, Corner of Park, Baltimore

continues to manufacture his superior Domestic Bread, Plum, Pound and Fancy Cakes,

Having an experienced Pastry Cook, he will furnish, fresh every day at 12 'o'clock

Damson, Raspberry, Blackberry, Currant, APPLE AND CUSTARD PIES, Potato and Lemon Puddings

Also daily at 4 o'clock

Butter, Plum and Chelsea Buns, German Doughnuts, and Maryland Biscuits

Yeast at all hours.

G.W.A has made arrangements by which he will be enabled to supply those who may desire it, with the various brands of Wheat, Rye and Unbolted Flour, of the first quality, either by the Barrel, Half-Barrel, or in Bags, containing any quantity demanded. He will also keep on hand the best Corn Meal and Buckwheat Flour

Orders left as above will be attended to

The above articles delivered free of charge


1856 - 1858 - The G.W. Arnold Bakery was located at 118 West Fayette Street, corner of Park.


1859 - 1860 - The Arnold Bakery was located at 122 West Lexington Street in Baltimore City, Maryland.



Nov 1, 1861 - George William Arnold Sr. is summoned by the Mayors office Reviewer of Flour to appear at 137 North Howard Street. The reason for the meeting is not clear.


Jan 24, 1862 - Note received from John Lee Chapman, Acting Mayor confirming and passing flour bought by the city from George William Arnold.


1863-1864 - The Baltimore City Business Directory of 1863-1864, page 41, indicates the following under the heading Bakers: Arnold G.W., 120 W Fayette and 94 N Howard (Baltimore City Business Directory, Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland)


Jan 1864 - George W. and his family lived near the corner of Park Avenue and Fayette Street, probably above the bakery, in downtown Baltimore. This was stated in Samuel Arnolds Memoirs.


1864 -The Woods Baltimore City Directory of 1864 indicates under the heading of Baker the following: ARNOLD GEORGE W. baker, 120 w Fayette and 94 n Howard, dw 120 w Fayette. This indicated that there were in fact two bakery shops.


1865 - The Arnold Bakery is located still at 120 West Fayette Street in Baltimore City, Maryland.


Apr 17, 1865 - George writes a letter and gives it to Detectives telling his son Samuel about the authorities finding the John Wilkes Booth letter (linking Samuel to the conspiracy regarding President Lincoln). The letter advises Samuel to tell all that he knew of the plot. The letter was delivered by the detectives on April 17, 1865 to Samuel Bland Arnold at the store of Mr. Wharton, Old Port Comfort, where Sam was working as a clerk. Samuel Arnold was arrested that same day.


Jun 14, 1865 - George W. Arnold was allowed to visit his son Samuel Bland Arnold in the courtroom during his sons trial.


Jul 9, 1865 - George W. was allowed to visit his son Samuel in the prison yard after the trial was over.


1866 - 1867 - There was no listing for the Arnold Bakery in these years in any Baltimore City Directories.


1868 - 1874 - George Arnold, the Baker and Confectioner, and the family lived upstairs from the store. Wood's Baltimore City directory 1868-1869 shows the store at 239 North Gay Street which was Oldtown, near the Number 6 Engine House, a less prestigious neighborhood in a less affluent section. This was not, however, George William Arnold's last known address before his death. (This was taken from "Death of George W. Arnold," Baltimore American, February 20, 1886, tells of the bakery near Number 6 engine House. The story of George Arnold sacrificing his fortune to help his son was related to Percy Martin by Mrs Marie L. Olwine, a great niece of Samuel Arnold)


1868 - 1869 - The Woods' Baltimore City Directory states the following.

Page 674 under the heading Bakers, Arnold Wm. 239 N Gay


Feb 1869 - George W. meets his son Samuel Bland Arnold in Key West Florida after Samuel's release from prison in the Dry Tortugas to take him home. George paid passage home aboard the vessel 'Cuba'.


1870 - George and his family appear in the 1870 census of Baltimore City as inhabitants of the Fifth Ward, and was enumerated on August 25, 1870. George was 62 years old at this time. Page No. 280 the listing reads as follows:

House No. 1796, Family No. 2072

Arnold George W, Age 62, Male, White, Baker, Place of Birth - District of Columbia

Arnold Frank (Theodore Frank), Age 32, Male, White, Baker, Place of Birth - Maryland

Arnold Samuel B, Age 35, Male, White, Farmer, Place of Birth - District of Columbia

Arnold Charles A, Age 30, Male, White, Baker, Place of Birth - Maryland

Arnold Helen F, Age 28, Female, White, Keeping House, Place of Birth - Maryland

Arnold Helen M, Age 3, Female, White, Place of Birth - Maryland

Arnold Orion M, Age 16, Female, White, At home, Place of Birth - Maryland

Harris Theodore, Age 19, Male, Black, Domestic Servant, Place of Birth - Maryland

Note by writer - Mary Jane, Georges wife was not in this census due to her death in 1865


1875 - 1876 - There was no listing of George Arnold or the location of the bakery in these years.


1877 - In this years directory there was a listing for George W. Arnold at 161 Presstman Street. The listing does not give the occupation of this George W. Arnold.


1878 - 1883 - There was no listing of George Arnold or the location of the bakery in these years.


1884 - 1885 - In these years directory there was a listing for George W. Arnold at 5 Robert Street. The listing does not give the occupation of this George W. Arnold.


Feb 16, 1886 - George died in Baltimore, Md. In the Daily News dated Wednesday, February 17, 1886, the obituary reads:


ARNOLD.-On February 16, GEO. W. ARNOLD, in the 77th year of his age. (Washington and Chicago papers pleas copy)

Funeral Friday afternoon, February 19, at three o'clock, from the residence of his son-in-law, George R. Jackson, No. 43 Mary Street, Clifton, Baltimore county.


Feb 18, 1886 - George William Arnold's funeral took place. The funeral service was presided over by Reverend W. F. Ward of Whatcoat M.E. Church. The pallbearers included, F. Burke, E. Cobb, J.G. Clark, Captain Cassell, W. Schryock, W. Reinicke. George was buried at Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md., Section P, Lot 40. The plot is plain, lined with half buried marble border stone. There is one stone marking the Arnold plot, it is white marble about half the size of a patio cinder block. It is inscribed with approximately 1" letters "ARNOLD".


Feb 20, 1886 - Baltimore American

The Death of George W. Arnold

The funeral of Mr. George W. Arnold who died on the fifteenth instant took place yesterday from the residence of his son-in-law, 43 ???? St. Clifton, Baltimore county, Rev. Mr W.F.Ward, of Whatcoat M.E. Church, officiated. The pall bearers were, Messers F. Burke, J.G. Clark, Captain Caswell, W. Schryock, E. Cobb an W. Reinicke, The internment was at Greenmount. Messers Denny and Mitchell had charge of the funeral. Mr. Arnold was a well known baker. At one time his house was on Gay St. near the number six engine house. He was the father of Mr. Samuel S. (sic) Arnold, who was charged with being implicated in the plot to carry off Lincoln and deliver him to the Confederacy and also in his assination. He was convicted and sent to the Dry Tortugas, but after some time he was pardoned by the government. It is said his father spent large sums to save him from being hung. He was present at his father's funeral. Mr. Arnold leaves several grown sons and daughters.


1910 - Notes on the Arnold Log Cabin: As reported in the Baltimore Sun early in 1910:

The old house which was once the home of Samuel Arnold, the friend of John Wilkes Booth, assassinator of Abraham Lincoln, is now no more. It was owned by Mr. John Trainor, Park Heights Avenue, near Rogers Avenue. It has been torn down and the ground will be made part of the lawn surrounding Mr. Trainor's home. It was once the popular belief that the Lincoln conspiracy was formed in this house, as it was the home of Samuel Arnold. This was vigorously denied by Mrs. Sarah Kaylor, Park Heights Avenue, cousin of Arnold, who asserted that Booth had never visited the house. The house was supposed to be about 100 years old. It was of quaint architectural design and was one story and a "jump." The first floor contained six rooms and the "jump" two. It was probably built by George William Arnold, father of Samuel Arnold. Mr. Trainor bought it about 20 years ago (1890) from Mrs. Oreon Jackson of Washington. ("Historic House Is Razed, That of Samuel Arnold, Friend of Wilkes Booth, Torn Down," Baltimore Sun, March 10, 1910.)

Jul 17, 2001 - Burial Plot of George W. Arnold

In Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md. Lot No 40, Area P the following Arnold's are interned.

Aug 18, 1845 - Mary Jones, 56 Years

July 2, 1851 - Florence Arnold

July 21, 1855 - Florence Arnold

Jan. 18, 1865 - M. E. Bland

Nov. 14, 1865 - Mary l. Arnold

Mar. 20, 1866 - Jane Kirby

Feb. 18, 1886 - George W. Arnold

Oct. 10, 1878 - F. Frank Arnold

Sept 24, 1906 - Samuel B Arnold

End of transcript - Mike Bartholomew