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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

This is the story of my ancestors. There are pedigree charts and family information pages, and a number of other articles, all based on the families of my four grandparents. This is who they were:

Other Pages

Every page on this site has links at the top to the Pedigree Charts and Name Index, which in turn have links to the family information pages. However, I'm still working on these and have some information which hasn't yet been uploaded. The Articles section contains fuller information about some families, together with some outstanding mysteries.

The Sources page gives an overview of where I have carried out research into my family. Some of my information has come from other people, and I'm grateful to them for sharing it with me. Further information relevant to my research may be found on the Links page.

Future Plans

More articles, pictures, information about some of the places where my ancestors lived, and occasional transcripts of original documents.

I also have a connection by marriage with the DUNCAN and WILSON families of Otley and Bradford, WRY, and their ancestors: DUNCAN from south-west Scotland; RENTON from the Otley area; and WILSON and MILLAR from Paisley, RFW. I hope eventually to include some information about them as well.

Latest Updates

New: Places - a list of towns and parishes where my ancestors and their families have been found
Charts for Ancestors of Mary BINGLEY (S97), Godfrey BINGLEY (S776) and Katherine PIGOTT (S777)
Family pages for Godfrey BINGLEY and Sarah SHEPPARD (S194 & S195); Godfrey BINGLEY and Ann WHARAM (S388 & S389); Godfrey BINGLEY and Katherine PIGOTT (S776 & S777); Robert BINGLEY and Ellen (S1552 & S1553)

Updated: Links; extra information on some BARTLE and STOW family pages; Jonathan HIRST and Mary BINGLEY (S96 & S97); Thomas HIRST and Mary (S192 & S193)

NB - all locations named on this site are in the British Isles unless stated otherwise. The County Codes page explains the abbreviations used instead of county names.

(Last updated 18 August 2020)