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Arthur Kennedy's Family History


James BARTLE (B16) - my 4x great grandfather
Born abt 1778, YKS  
Died 2 Aug 1843, Wyke, Birstall, WRY
Buried 6 Aug 1843, Low Moor Wesleyan, Bradford, WRY
Notes Mostly found recorded as a coal miner, but listed in 1841 Census as an ironstone dresser, and at his death as a labourer. More than one possibility for his birth/baptism - see link following for more information.  
See also Ancestor ChartJames BARTLE (born abt 1778)  
Married 28 Oct 1799, Bradford, WRY  
Mary BELFIELD (B17) - my 4x great grandmother
Born abt 1778, YKS  
Baptised 25 Dec 1778, Birstall, WRY
Died 13 Dec 1844, East Bierley, Birstall, WRY
Buried 18 Dec 1844, Low Moor Wesleyan, Bradford, WRY
Parents Jonathan BELFIELD and Mary COLINSON (B34 & B35)
See also Ancestor Chart  
Children (See end of list for other possible children)  
  John (B8) (~1800-1867)  
  Mary (b. 1802)
Married Joseph WATERHOUSE (b. abt 1800)
  Joseph (b. 1805)
Ironstone miner; married Harriet BRIGGS (b. abt 1810)
  James (b. 1807)
Labourer, later farmer; married Harriet CLAYTON (b. abt 1809)
  Solomon (b. 1809)
Labourer; married Betty KELLETT (b. abt 1811)
  Benjamin (bapt. 1812)
Engine tenter; married Hannah (b. abt 1814)
  Luke (1814-1881)
Ironstone dresser, later forge labourer; married (1) Mary Ann GRAY (b. abt 1811-1816); (2) Sarah SHAW (~1817-1887)
  William (1816-1816)  
  Matthew (~1817-1878)
Miner; married Sarah BARRACLOUGH (~1820-1852)
  Martha (bapt. 1821)  
  Ann (1823-1823)  
  Other children found in parish registers who could possibly belong to this couple:
Joseph (bapt. 1798, Bradford) - son of James (a Clothier) of Toftshaw
Mary Ann (bapt. 1811, Halifax) - dau. of James (a Serjeant) & Mary of Skircoat
John (bapt. 1820, Bradford) - son of James (a Cordwainer) & Mary of Wibsey