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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

Wilson CRAVEN and Ruth BILTON

Wilson CRAVEN (B12) - my 3x great grandfather
Born 5 Dec 1804  
Baptised 13 Jan 1805, Calverley, WRY
Died 11 Jun 1844, Leeds, WRY
Buried 16 Jun 1844, Leeds, WRY
Parents John CRAVEN and Elizabeth WILSON (B24 & B25)
Notes Lived in Horsforth, WRY from 1807 until his father's death in 1813 (and possibly longer), and in Leeds after his marriage. Worked as a warehouseman in 1827, a maker up in 1830, and a cloth dresser in 1841-44.  
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Married 21 Oct 1827, Leeds, WRY  
Ruth BILTON (B13) - my 3x great grandmother
Born abt 1808, Hull, ERY  
Baptised 26 Jun 1808, Hull, ERY
Died 20 Jun 1883, Rothwell Haigh, Rothwell, WRY
Buried 24 Jun 1883, Middleton, Rothwell, WRY
Parents Richard BILTON and Phebe METCALF (B26 & B27)
Notes Worked as a burler of cloth in 1851.  
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Children Hannah (b. 1828)  
  John Bilton (B6) (1830-1892)  
  Elizabeth (1831-abt 1856)
Staymaker; married William Depledge TAYLOR (b. abt 1831)
  Robert (1833-1897)
Schoolmaster, mostly in Norfolk; married Fanny Amelia CARPENTER (1839-1912). Also a poet - see CRAVEN Family Footprints.
  Phoebe (b. 1835)  
  Benjamin (bapt. 1837)  
  Mary Ann (b. 1839)
Married John NIELD (b. abt 1829), a cloth drawer in Leeds.
  Wilson (b. 1841)
Teazel setter in woollen mill; married Mary Ann WRIGHT (b. abt 1844)
  George (b. 1843)
Cloth dresser, later manager of wine cellar; married Selina COWLING (b. abt 1850)