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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

Benjamin CRAVEN and Mary PETTY

Benjamin CRAVEN (B48) - my 5x great grandfather
Baptised 30 Sep 1750, Calverley, WRY
Buried 10 Sep 1834, Calverley, WRY
Parents Abraham CRAVEN and Ann CARR (B96 & B97)
Notes Sexton in Calverley until about 1810, when he was succeeded by his son James, who held the post for 40 years. (One of James's sons was then sexton for another 25 years.) Benjamin was also Parish Clerk in Calverley for 30 years.  
See also Ancestor ChartCRAVEN Family Footprints  
Married 8 May 1774, Bradford, WRY  
Mary PETTY (B49) - my 5x great grandmother
Born abt 1753  
Buried 26 Sep 1824, Calverley, WRY
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Children Sally (bapt. 1774)  
  Hannah (bapt. 1776)  
  Molly (bapt. 1777)  
  Ann (bapt. 1779)  
  John (B24) (~1782-1813)  
  James (~1784-1850)
Sexton in Calverley abt 1810-1850 - see CRAVEN Family Footprints; married Mary Hargreaves WHEATER (~1789-1872).
  Grace (bapt. 1787)  
  Rebekah (bapt. 1789)  
  Elizabeth (bapt. 1791)
Married William BROOK
  Abraham (~1794-1867)
Farmer & Joiner, also Assistant Overseer in Calverley; Census enumerator in 1841 & 1851; married Elizabeth KIRK (b. abt 1800).
  George (bapt. 1797)
Married Sarah