A family photo
Arthur Kennedy's Family History


Starting chart for each family line


Arranged by family line and generation

Root Person Family Line Ref. Relationship to me
Arthur BARTLE (1886-1954) BARTLE B1 grandfather
John BARTLE (~1800-1867) BARTLE B8 3x great grandfather
Daniel KELLETT (bapt. 1803) BARTLE B10 3x great grandfather
Wilson CRAVEN (1804-1844) BARTLE B12 3x great grandfather
Ruth BILTON (~1808-1883) BARTLE B13 3x great grandmother
David Campbell KENNEDY (1878-1957) KENNEDY K1 grandfather
David KENNEDY (bapt. 1781) KENNEDY K8 3x great grandfather
Elizabeth RUTHERFORD (bapt. 1782) KENNEDY K9 3x great grandmother
Barbara CAMPBELL (bapt. 1764) KENNEDY K11 3x great grandmother
John HARCOURT KENNEDY K12 3x great grandfather
Nora Emily RUTTER (1888-1946) RUTTER R1 grandmother
Richard RUTTER (1802-1866) RUTTER R8 3x great grandfather
Isabella CAMPION (1801-1873) RUTTER R9 3x great grandmother
Thomas MENNILL (1796-1867) RUTTER R10 3x great grandfather
Hannah SHIPLEY (1797-1878) RUTTER R11 3x great grandmother
George MEABURN (~1805-1885) RUTTER R12 3x great grandfather
Ann PALLISER (~1808-1878) RUTTER R13 3x great grandmother
Margaret ROBINSON (1799-1858) RUTTER R15 3x great grandmother
Thomas CAMPION (~1693-1778) RUTTER R72 6x great grandfather
John MEABURN (bapt. 1708) RUTTER R96 6x great grandfather
William PALLISER (~1715-1787) RUTTER R104 6x great grandfather
Mary RIDSDALE (~1718/19-1775) RUTTER R105 6x great grandmother
William PALLISER (~1605-1675/76) RUTTER R832 9x great grandfather
Florence Ann STOW (1886-1970) STOW S1 grandmother
William STOW (1809-1854) STOW S8 3x great grandfather
Ann HUTCHINSON (1808-1866) STOW S9 3x great grandmother
Isaac WILKINSON (1801-1867) STOW S10 3x great grandfather
Elizabeth WATSON (1800-1870) STOW S11 3x great grandmother
Richard HIRST (1807-1899) STOW S12 3x great grandfather
Mary WHEATLEY (1807-1879) STOW S13 3x great grandmother
Thomas STOW (~1682-1731/32) STOW S64 6x great grandfather
Jonathan HIRST (~1690/91-1766) STOW S96 6x great grandfather
Mary BINGLEY (~1694-1771) STOW S97 6x great grandmother
John WHEATLEY (~1733-1797) STOW S104 6x great grandfather
Mary MASON (~1733-1810) STOW S105 6x great grandmother
Christopher YOUNG (~1718/19-1802) STOW S106 6x great grandfather
Anne HOLDSWORTH (~1727-1796) STOW S107 6x great grandmother
John EYLES (~1700-1785) STOW S108 6x great grandfather
Sarah DAWSON (~1697-1761) STOW S109 6x great grandmother
Sarah OATES (bapt. 1721) STOW S111 6x great grandmother
Alice LUPTON (~1599/1600-1672/73) STOW S513 9x great grandmother
Richard LAYCOCK (~1580-1634) STOW S516 9x great grandfather
Alice GILL (~1585-1641) STOW S517 9x great grandmother
Godfrey BINGLEY (~1605/06-1652) STOW S776 9x great grandfather
Katherine PIGOTT (bapt. 1612/13) STOW S777 9x great grandmother