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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

Names - T

In this index my ancestors are shown in bold.

Name Dates Relationship
TAYLOR, Susannah (S33) d. 1781 my 5x great grandmother
TAYLOR, William Depledge b. abt 1831 son-in-law of Wilson CRAVEN and Ruth BILTON
TEASDALE, Mary b. abt 1783 daughter-in-law of John WHEATLEY and Mary MASON
TEMPERTON, Charlotte b. abt 1856 daughter-in-law of John RUTTER and Hannah MEYNELL
THOMASON, Richard "Dick" ~1856-1934 son-in-law of Matthew MEABURN and Mary METCALFE
THOMPSON, John m. 1738 possibly son-in-law of Thomas STOW and Sarah
TODD, Jane b. abt 1823 daughter-in-law of Richard BILTON and Phebe METCALF