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Arthur Kennedy's Family History


This is a list of places where I've found records of my ancestors and their families. Names in bold indicate my direct ancestors, most of whom can be found elsewhere on this site, but other more distant family members are included in case it helps others make a connection, and I can provide further information on request.

Many surnames have alternative spellings, but to keep the list more manageable I've listed only the commonest variant for each place. The dates reflect the records that I know of, so there may well be family connections to some places over a longer period than is shown here.

England Bedfordshire   Cambridgeshire   Cumberland   Derbyshire   Durham   Hertfordshire   Huntingdonshire   Lancashire   Leicestershire   Lincolnshire   London/Middlesex   Norfolk   Northamptonshire   Northumberland   Nottinghamshire   Oxfordshire   Shropshire   Staffordshire   Surrey   Warwickshire   Westmorland   Yorkshire:   East Riding/York   North Riding   West Riding
Scotland Argyll   Ayrshire   Bute   Dunbartonshire   Fife   Invernessshire   Lanarkshire   Midlothian   Perthshire   Renfrewshire   Stirlingshire   Sutherland   West Lothian
Ireland Armagh  Down  Waterford
Wales Montgomeryshire   Pembrokeshire
Other Countries Australia   Canada   New Zealand   USA

Country County/State Parish/Area Names & Dates
England Bedfordshire Caddington CRAVEN (c1860)
  Cambridgeshire Chippenham RUTTER (c1894-1901)
  Cumberland Holme Low GRAHAM (1880s-1890s)
    Oughterby GRAHAM (19th cent)
  Derbyshire Stanton-in-Peak HOLMES (19th cent)
  Durham Aycliffe METCALFE (c1820)
    Bishopton MEABURN (18th cent)
METCALFE (19th cent)
ROBINSON (19th cent)
    Bishopwearmouth MILLBURN (19th cent)
    Crook RUTTER (c1880-1900)
    Darlington MEABURN (19th-20th cent)
STEPHENSON (c1765-1790)
STOW (18th-19th cent)
STOW STOWELL (18th-19th cent)
STOWELL (18th-19th cent)
    Egglescliffe THOMASON (1880s)
    Elwick Hall MEABURN (c1820-1830)
    Greatham METCALFE (19th cent)
POUT (19th cent)
    Hart MEABURN (c1830-1835)
    Haughton-le-Skerne FEETHAM (19th-20th cent)
MEABURN (c1840-1850)
    Hedleyhope BROTTON (1880s)
    Hurworth HALL (c1860)
    Norton ANDERSON (c1860-70)
MEABURN (c1850-60)
MILLS (c1860)
    Shildon MEABURN (c1860-80)
    South Shields METCALFE (c1860)
    West Hartlepool METCALFE (c1860-1870)
WHITEHEAD (19th-20th cent)
    Wolsingham CLARKE (1840s)
    Wolviston HALL (1860s)
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  Hertfordshire Welwyn Garden City KENNEDY (20th cent)
  Huntingdonshire Huntingdon CLARKE (1850s)
    Kimbolton KENNEDY (1877-85)
  Lancashire Droylsden HIRST (19th cent)
    Feniscowles KENNEDY (1938-46)
    Heysham KENNEDY (1916-38)
    Lancaster BURROW (c1890)
    Manchester RUTTER (1890s)
    Marsden STOW (19th cent)
STOWELL (19th cent)
    Openshaw SYKES (19th cent)
    Poulton-le-Fylde GRAHAM (c1925-42)
THOMASON (19th-20th cent)
    Preston RUTTER (20th cent)
    Salford GRAHAM (19th-20th cent)
RUTTER (19th-20th cent)
    Singleton THOMASON (c1890)
  Leicestershire Barwell GREWCOCK (19th cent)
    Bradgate MEYNELL (c1872)
    Burton-on-the Wolds MEYNELL (c1869-71)
    Enderby HIRST (19th cent)
    Loughborough RUTTER (19th-20th cent)
    Newtown Linford MEYNELL (c1861-71)
  Lincolnshire Bassingham CRAVEN (1875)
    Skegness DUNKLEY (19th-20th cent)
  London & Middlesex Dalston KENNEDY (1906-09)
    Hampstead CRAVEN (1890s)
    Holy Trinity in the Minories METCALF (1780s)
    St Luke Old Street ASKEW (1780s)
METCALF (1780s)
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  Norfolk Bacton CRAVEN (1860s)
    Brancaster CRAVEN (c1860)
    Flitcham CRAVEN (c1887-91)
    Great Ryburgh CRAVEN (1860s)
    King's Lynn CARPENTER (19th cent)
    Terrington St John CRAVEN (1880s)
    Thornham CRAVEN (c1860)
    Thursford MEYNELL (1880s)
  Northamptonshire Roade CLARKE (19th cent)
    Stamford St Martin SNEATH (19th cent)
  Northumberland Lesbury METCALFE (c1850)
    Newcastle-upon-Tyne ALDERSON (20th cent)
  Nottinghamshire Mansfield BINGLEY (17th-18th cent)
  Oxfordshire Beckley CRAVEN (c1870)
  Shropshire Ellesmere SHERATON (19th cent)
    Stokesay CLARKE (1850s)
  Staffordshire Enville MEYNELL (1880s)
    Leek HIRST (c1911)
  Surrey Godalming WRIGHT (19th cent)
    Great Bookham MEABURN (20th cent)
    Weybridge McLACHLAN (19th-20th cent)
  Warwickshire Birmingham McMULLAN (20th cent)
  Westmorland Beetham RUTTER (1880s)
    Meathop CLARKE (1850s)
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  Yorkshire: East Riding & York Hull BILTON (18th-19th cent)
HIRST (18th-19th cent)
TURNER (20th cent)
    York HIRST (19th-20th cent)
  Yorkshire: North Riding Barton ROWLANDSON (19th-20th cent)
    Eston HUTTON (18th cent)
LEGG (19th cent)
MEABURN (19th cent)
(incl. Castleton)
BROTTON (19th cent)
MATTHEWS (19th cent)
    Eston MEABURN (c1840-1855)
RIDLEY (c1790-1820)
    Felixkirk MENNILL (19th cent)
    Finghall SHAW (19th cent)
    Guisborough CAMPION (18th-19th cent)
CLARKE (19th cent)
    Hinderwell CAMPION (19th cent)
    Husthwaite with Carlton DIXON (18th cent)
MENNILL (19th cent)
MILNER (18th cent)
    Kildale SANDERSON (c1800-1820)
    Kirby Wiske SHIPLEY (1840s)
    Kirkleatham MEABURN (1840s)
    Kirklevington ROBINSON (19th cent)
    Leake MENNILL (18th cent)
    Linton-on-Ouse WRIGHT (19th cent)
    Marton-in-Cleveland RUTTER (c1880)
    Middlesbrough LEGG (19th-20th cent)
    North Otterington
(incl. Thornton-le-Beans,
MEYNELL (19th cent)
SHIPLEY (19th cent)
    Northallerton HIRST (18th-19th cent)
    Ormesby RUTTER (19th cent)
SANDERSON (19th-20th cent)
    Redcar MEABURN (19th-20th cent)
    Richmond RUTTER (1880s)
    Scarborough CARLISLE (19th cent)
HIRST (c1870-1880)
    South Kilvington PALLISER (17th-18th cent)
    Sowerby PALLISER (18th-19th cent)
RIDSDALE (17th-18th cent)
    Stainton-in-Cleveland HALL (19th cent)
HAYKIN (19th-20th cent)
JUST (19th cent)
MEABURN (19th cent)
SANDERSON (19th cent)
    Stillington CRAVEN (c1873)
    Stokesley RUTTER (19th cent)
SHORT (19th-20th cent)
    Thirsk RUTTER (19th cent)
    Thornton-le-Beans see North Otterington
    Thornton-le-Moor see North Otterington
    Topcliffe MENNILL (18th cent)
RIDSDALE (18th cent)
SHIPLEY (18th-19th cent)
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  Yorkshire: West Riding Addingham BARTLE (c1920)
    Austhorpe WHITFIELD (1880s)
    Badsworth HIRST (18th-19th cent)
MacKENZIE (19th cent)
WILSON (18th cent)
    Bardsey HOLDSWORTH (18th cent)
    Barwick-in-Elmet WHITFIELD (1870s)
    Bentham STOW (c1920)
(incl. Morton)
DRIVER (18th cent)
HEBDEN (18th cent)
WATSON (18th-19th cent)
WILKINSON (18th-19th cent)
(see also Cleckheaton, Gomersal, Hunsworth, Liversedge, Wyke)
BELFIELD (18th-19th cent)
FIRTH (18th-19th cent)
    Bolton Percy MASON (18th cent)
MEABURN (19th cent)
SHAW (19th cent)
WHEATLEY (18th-19th cent)
    Bolton-upon-Dearne BINGLEY (16th-18th cent)
INGLAND (17th-18th cent)
PIGOTT (17th cent)
SHEPPARD (16th-17th cent) WHARAM (17th cent)
    Boston Spa WRIGHT (c1865-1874)
(incl. suburbs)
BADLAND (19th-20th cent)
BARTLE (19th cent)
BELFIELD (18th cent)
COLINSON (18th cent)
EDWARDS (19th cent)
FEATHER (late 19th cent)
GOTT (19th cent)
HIRST (19th-20th cent)
KENNEDY (1909-1916)
MARSHALL (c1870-1890)
METCALFE (c1870-1888)
PETTY (18th cent)
SMITHSON (c1895-1933)
STOW (19th-20th cent)
WRIGHT (19th-20th cent)
(see also Halifax)
ROBINSON (19th cent)
WOODHEAD (19th cent)
    Buckden WHITFIELD (19th cent)
    Burghwallis HIRST (18th cent)
    Burley-in-Wharfedale WILKINSON (1840s)
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    Calverley CARR (18th cent)
CRAVEN (18th-19th cent)
WILSON (18th-19th cent)
    Campsall HIRST (18th cent)
(see also Birstall)
BARTLE (19th cent)
PEARSON (19th cent)
    Conisbrough MEADOWS (20th cent)
RUTTER (20th cent)
    East Ardsley SHILBURN (18th cent)
    Garforth CRAVEN (19th cent)
HIRST (20th cent)
(see also Birstall)
FIRTH (18th-19th cent)
    Greasbrough HEWARD (17th cent)
SIMMONITE (18th cent)
WHITAKER (18th cent)
(see also Brighouse, Hipperholme)
OATES (18th cent)
(incl. Darley)
ROBSON (19th cent)
    Harrogate RUTTER (20th cent)
    Hatfield HIRST (18th cent)
(see also Halifax)
ROBINSON (18th-19th cent)
    Honley HIRST (19th cent)
    Huddersfield HIRST (19th cent)
(see also Birstall)
BARTLE (19th cent)
    Ilkley BARTLE (19th-20th cent)
KELLETT (late 19th cent)
KENNEDY (20th cent)
    Keighley HEY (19th cent)
LISTER (after 1860s)
STOW (19th cent)
(incl. Cononley, Cowling, Crosshills, Sutton-in-Craven)
BERRY (19th cent)
BRIGG (19th cent)
BULLOCH (18th cent)
COCKSHOTT (18th cent)
EMMOTT (18th-19th cent)
HUTCHINSON (18th-19th cent)
LAYCOCK (17th cent)
SMITH (18th cent)
STOW (17th-20th cent)
TAYLOR (18th cent)
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    Ledsham MACHIN (18th cent)
(incl. suburbs)
BARTLE (19th cent)
BILTON (18th-19th cent)
CRAVEN (19th cent)
HIRST (19th-20th cent)
METCALF (18th-19th cent)
NIELD (1860s)
ROBINSON (19th cent)
(see also Birstall)
HIRST (19th cent)
    Marsden HIRST (19th cent)
    Meltham HIRST (19th cent)
SHAW (c1850-1880)
SYKES (c1890-1912)
    Micklefield CRAVEN (19th cent)
    Monk Fryston MACHIN (c1759)
    Newton Kyme HIRST (1770s)
    Normanton EYLES (18th cent)
    Owston HIRST (17th-18th cent)
    Pateley Bridge RUTTER (19th-20th cent)
    Pontefract WHEATLEY (19th cent)
    Rothwell CRAVEN (19th cent)
    Royston BINGLEY (17th-18th cent)
    Saxton-in-Elmet EELS (18th cent)
    Slaidburn CRAVEN (c1871)
    South Crosland BENTLEY (1860s)
HIRST (c1840)
    Spofforth WHITFIELD (1880s)
    Swillington DAWSON (17th-18th cent)
DENTON (17th cent
    Tadcaster CALVERT (1840s)
    Thorp Arch MEABURN (1860s)
YOUNG (18th cent)
    Ulleskelf WHEATLEY (19th cent)
    Wragby HEPTINSTALL (c1780s-1790s)
(see also Birstall)
BARTLE (18th-19th cent)
KELLETT (19th cent)
WILKINSON (19th cent)
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Scotland Argyll Kilfinan KENNEDY (c1871)
  Ayrshire Galston KENNEDY (c1869)
  Bute Rothesay KENNEDY (c1872)
  Dunbartonshire Clydebank KENNEDY (1930s)
    Kirkintilloch KENNEDY (1940s)
  Fife --- RUTTER (20th cent)
    Largo KENNEDY (1860s)
  Invernessshire Urquhart & Glenmoriston KENNEDY (c1870-80)
  Lanarkshire Cadder KENNEDY (c1875-1905)
    Cambusnethan KENNEDY (c1840-75)
    Carluke KENNEDY (c1866)
    Lesmahagow KENNEDY (1880s)
  Midlothian Edinburgh CAMPBELL (1828)
KENNEDY (1828)
  Perthshire Auchtergaven KENNEDY (c1840)
    Crieff CAMPBELL (19th cent)
KENNEDY (c1830-40)
    Fowlis Wester CAMPBELL (early 19th cent)
(incl. Foss)
CAMPBELL (18th cent)
FERGUSON (18th cent)
McDONALD (18th cent)
RUTHERFORD (18th cent)
KENNEDY (18th-19th cent)
    Kenmore SINCLAIR (1770s)
    Logiealmond MEYNELL (1870s)
    Logierait CAMPBELL (18th cent)
    Methven McGILL (c1850s)
(incl. Bennybeg)
CAMPBELL (c1855-1915)
KENNEDY (1875-85)
    Scone KENNEDY (c1850-80)
  Renfrewshire Barrhead KENNEDY (c1920-1945)
  Stirlingshire Larbert KENNEDY (c1935)
  Sutherland Dornoch KENNEDY (c1881)
  West Lothian Uphall KENNEDY (1860s)
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Ireland Armagh Ballyworkan (Portadown) GIBSON (19th cent)
HARCOURT (19th cent)
    Tandragee HARCOURT (19th cent)
KENNEDY (1870s)
  Down Banbridge McMULLAN (c1880-1920)
  Waterford Dunmore East RUTTER (20th cent)
Wales Montgomeryshire Tregynon CRAVEN (1860s)
  Pembrokeshire Haverfordwest BARTLE (1910s)
Australia NSW Sydney area CRAVEN (20th cent)
KENNEDY (20th cent)
  Queensland Brisbane area KENNEDY (20th cent)
    Mareeba McMULLAN (20th cent)
Canada Ontario Brantford STOW (after 1850s)
  Quebec Montreal COPE (after 1890s)
New Zealand Wellington Wellington area CRAVEN (20th cent)
USA New York (various) HIRST (20th cent)
  Ohio Cincinnati WILKINSON (1870s)
  Pennsylvania Allegheny Co. BROTTON (late 19th cent)