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Arthur Kennedy's Family History


George MEABURN (R12) - my 3x great grandfather
Born abt 1805, Stainton-in-Cleveland, NRY  
Baptised 29 Sep 1805, Stainton-in-Cleveland, NRY
Died 18 May 1885, Guisborough, NRY
Buried 21 May 1885, Stainton-in-Cleveland, NRY
Parents William MEABURN and Ann STEPHENSON (R24 & R25)
Notes He was a tailor and sub-postmaster in Stainton-in-Cleveland, and served as Parish Clerk for many years.  
See also Ancestor Chart  
Married 10 May 1828, Stainton-in-Cleveland, NRY  
Ann PALLISER (R13) - my 3x great grandmother
Born abt 1808, Sowerby, NRY  
Baptised 17 May 1808, Sowerby, NRY
Died 25 Dec 1878, Stainton-in-Cleveland, NRY
Buried 28 Dec 1878, Stainton-in-Cleveland, NRY
Parents Matthew PALLISER and Frances PLOWMAN (R26 & R27)
Notes She was recorded as a laundress in 1861 & 1871.  
See also Ancestor Chart  
Children Maria (~1829-1894)
(Baptism register has her name as Moriah.) Married John CLARKE (~1824-1888), a railway labourer from Roade, NTH; his work took them to Wolsingham, DUR; Roade, NTH; Huntingdon, HUN; Stokesay, SAL; and Meathop, WES. They eventually settled in Guisborough, NRY, where he became a grocer, and later an innkeeper.
  Mary (~1830-1850)
Married Robert MILLBURN (~1827-~1879), a glassmaker from Dumbarton, DNB; after she died, he married her sister Margaret.
  Margaret (~1831-1903)
Married Robert MILLBURN (~1827-~1879), a glassmaker from Dumbarton, DNB and widower of her elder sister Maria; they lived mostly in Bishopwearmouth, DUR.
  Alice (~1832-1899)
Married Joseph SHAW (~1833-1901), from Kirkbymoorside, NRY; he was a farm worker in Bolton Percy, WRY, and then for many years a coachman in Finghall, NRY.
  Matthew (R6) (1833-1877)  
  William (~1834-1834)  
  Annie (~1836-1836)  
  William (~1837-1837)  
  Annie (1838-1882)
Married James HALL (~1837-1866); they lived in Hurworth, DUR, and later Stainton-in-Cleveland, NRY. After James died she worked as a laundress.
  Elizabeth Frances (1840-1910)
Married (1) Robert MILLS (~1835-1859), who died a few months after their marriage; (2) John ANDERSON (~1821-1874), a labourer born in Richmond, NRY; (3) Martin LEGG (~1829-1909), originally from Stokesley, NRY. With her first two husbands she lived in Norton, DUR; with Martin she lived in Middlesbrough, NRY and later Eston, NRY.
  Jane (~1841-1918)
Married George Carter SHORT (~1833-1887), a gardener and later a seedsman and florist in Stokesley, NRY. After he died she continued as a seed merchant and florist, and later became a confectioner.
  Eleanor (~1842-1842)
Her birth and death were registered as Eleanor, but parish register entries and her memorial give her name as Hellen.
  Ellen (1843-1872)
Married Joseph WRIGHT (b. abt 1840), a servant and later a coachman from Linton-on-Ouse, NRY. In 1861 she was a laundry maid at Bolton Percy Rectory, WRY, the home of Revd. William Vernon HARCOURT. He had founded the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1831, and was son of an Archbishop of York and father of a Chancellor of the Exchequer. After Ellen died, Joseph and their two sons moved to Surrey; in 1881 their son George was a page boy at Munstead House near Godalming, the home of Gertrude JEKYLL, the renowned garden designer.
  Sarah (1844-1886)
Married Thomas WHITFIELD (b. abt 1846), a famer originally from Buckden, WRY. They lived in and around Barwick-in-Elmet, Spofforth, and Austhorpe, all WRY.
  Eliza (1847-1879)
Married George HOLMES (b. abt 1842), a stone cutter; they lived in Stanton-in-Peak, DBY, where he had been born.
  George (1848-1919)
Married Ann Elizabeth MATTHEWS (1847-1918) from Castleton, Danby, NRY; worked as a tailor, mostly in Coatham and Redcar, both NRY.
  Emma (1849-1886)
Lived in Stainton-in-Cleveland, NRY and married Robert JUST (b. abt 1856), a market gardener.
  John (1851-1851)
Twin of Mary
  Mary (b. 1851)
Twin of John. Married Major BROTTON (1846-1909), originally from Castleton, Danby, NRY; in 1881 they were in Hedleyhope, DUR, where he was an innkeeper. Major was in Pennsylvania, USA by 1894, remarried there as a widower in 1897, and lived there until his death. No death found for Mary, but she may have emigrated to the USA in 1886.
  Agnes (1852-1853)