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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

George MENNILL and Bridget RIDSDALE

George MENNILL (R20) - my 4x great grandfather
Baptised 14 Feb 1768, Leake, NRY
Died 16 Oct 1845, Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe, Felixkirk, NRY
Buried 18 Oct 1845, Felixkirk, NRY
Parents William MENNILL and Mary WEBSTER (R40 & R41)
Notes He was a husbandman in Topcliffe, NRY at the time of his marriage. The locations of the children's baptisms suggest that the family may have later lived in Sessay, Coxwold, Husthwaite with Carlton, and Felixkirk (all NRY). The family name is also found recorded as MEYNELL, MENNELL, MENNILE etc.  
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Married 15 Jun 1793, Topcliffe, NRY  
Bridget RIDSDALE (R21) - my 4x great grandmother
Born abt 1767  
Died 20 Jan 1840, Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe, Felixkirk, NRY
Buried 22 Jan 1840, Felixkirk, NRY
Father William RIDSDALE (R42)
Notes Her name is sometimes found recorded as Bridgart.  
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Children William (bapt. 1794)
Married Elizabeth ETHERINGTON
  Thomas (R10) (1796-1867)  
  George (b. 1797)
Married Eleanor WALLS
  John (b. 1799)  
  Margaret (b. 1803)  
  Richard (1805-1838)
Married Jane SCURR (1807-1835)
  Francis (b. 1808)
Married Jane CLAYTON
  Joseph (bapt. 1811)