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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

John RUTTER and Hannah MEYNELL

John RUTTER (R4) - my 2x great grandfather
Born 7 Nov 1829, Stokesley, NRY  
Baptised 4 Dec 1829, Stokesley, NRY
Died 16 Oct 1906, Middlesbrough, NRY
Buried 17 Oct 1906, Ormesby, NRY
Parents Richard RUTTER and Isabella CAMPION (R8 & R9)
Notes Worked mainly as a groom and domestic coachman, but in his later years he was a farm servant. Mostly this was in Ormesby, NRY, but the family also lived in Stainton-in-Cleveland, NRY for a time. Although buried in Ormesby, he was commemorated on a memorial on his wife's grave in Harrogate, WRY. (The memorial is no longer there.)  
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Married 21 May 1853, North Otterington, NRY  
Hannah MEYNELL (R5) - my 2x great grandmother
Born abt 1828, Thornton-le-Beans, NRY  
Baptised 19 Oct 1828, North Otterington, NRY
Died 15 May 1922, Harrogate, WRY
Buried Harrogate, WRY
Parents Thomas MENNILL and Hannah SHIPLEY (R10 & R11)
Notes Her maiden name is sometimes found recorded as MENNILL. She and her husband John appear to have separated some time between 1881 and 1891; after that he is recorded in censuses in Ormesby, NRY, while Hannah is recorded in Harrogate, WRY, where she worked as a baths attendant and sick nurse.  
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Children Margaret (1853-1864)  
  Hannah (1855-1940)
Married George HAYKIN (1842-1912), a blacksmith in Stainton-in-Cleveland.
  Thomas (b. 1856)
Groom and coachman; married Ellen COE from Cheshire (b. abt 1865); lived in Cambridgeshire.
  John "Jack" (1858-1895)
Butler in Richmond, NRY; later publican in Manchester, LAN; married Ellen DODD (b. abt 1854).
  George (1859-1923)
Groom and coachman, among other places in Beetham, WES; married Charlotte TEMPERTON (b. abt 1856).
  William Shipley (b. 1860)
Groom and coachman, among other places in Crook, DUR; married Elizabeth Ann HOPE (b. abt 1858).
  Fanny (1862-1952)
Lived in Harrogate, WRY; did not marry.
  Henry "Harry" (R2) (1864-1925)  
  Margaret (b. 1865)
Married John W "Jack" WHITEHEAD (b. abt 1863), a blacksmith in West Hartlepool, DUR.
  Arthur Newell (b. 1867)
Coachman; married Jane PREECE; lived in Enfield, MDX and Salford, LAN.
  Archibald (b. 1871)
Tailor; married Mary LANCASTER (b. abt 1868); lived in Loughborough, LEI.
  Herbert (1872-1872)