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John EELS and Martha SHILBURN

John EELS (S54) - my 5x great grandfather
Baptised 29 Oct 1732, Saxton-in-Elmet, WRY
Buried 27 May 1802, Saxton-in-Elmet, WRY
Parents John EYLES and Sarah DAWSON (S108 & S109)
Notes Lived in Towton, Saxton-in-Elmet; mostly recorded as a labourer, but at his burial as a barkeeper. The surname EELS is also found spelt EELES, EYLES etc. He had an earlier marriage to Elisabeth GILL (26 Oct 1763, Church Fenton, WRY); she was buried 14 Jun 1772 in Saxton-in-Elmet. Their children are listed below.  
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Married 4 Aug 1777, Saxton-in-Elmet, WRY  
Martha SHILBURN (S55) - my great grandmother
Baptised 31 Jan 1747/48, East Ardsley, WRY
Buried 22 Feb 1819, Saxton-in-Elmet, WRY
Parents Thomas SHILBURN and Sarah OATES (S110 & S111)
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Children Hannah (b. 1777)
Married William HOLMES
  Mary (b. 1779)
Married John HOLMES
  John (b. 1781)
Labourer; married Elizabeth SMITH
  Ann (S27) (1784-1866)  
  Martha (b. 1787)
Married Isaac DICKINSON
Children of John EELS and Elisabeth GILL:
  Sarah (~1764-1842)  
  John (~1766-1766)  
  Elizabeth (bapt. 1767)  
  Ann (~1769-1769)  
  William (~1770-1770)  
  John (~1771-1771)