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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

Richard HIRST and Mary WHEATLEY

Richard HIRST (S12) - my 3x great grandfather
Born 28 May 1807, Badsworth, WRY  
Baptised 19 Jul 1807, Badsworth, WRY
Died 18 Feb 1899, Meltham, WRY
Buried 21 Feb 1899, Meltham Mills, WRY
Parents John HIRST and Hannah WHITAKER (S24 & S25)
Notes Moved to Almondbury during 1830s; lived in Meltham after about 1840. First worked as a gardener, but later as a coachman in domestic service. He and Mary had twelve children, and he outlived all but two of them (see below).  
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Married 6 Jul 1826, Methley, WRY  
Mary WHEATLEY (S13) - my 3x great grandmother
Born 8 Mar 1807, Ulleskelf, WRY  
Baptised 8 Mar 1807, Kirkby Wharfe, WRY
Died 31 Jan 1879, Meltham, WRY
Buried 3 Feb 1879, Meltham Mills, WRY
Parents George WHEATLEY and Ann EELS (S26 & S27)
See also Ancestor Chart  
Children Hannah (~1826-1875)
Worked as a woollen weaver, and later a cotton winder. Married Martin SHAW (~1820-1885), also a woollen weaver, and later a woollen warper.
  Mary Ann (~1828-1912)
Cotton thread winder before her marriage; married Emmanuel SYKES (~1826-1893), a blacksmith. They lived most of their married life in Openshaw, LAN, but returned to Meltham on retirement.
  George (~1830-1842)  
  John (S6) (~1832-1871)  
  James (~1834-1863)
Worked as a fireman on the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway, and died in an accident at work. Married Elizabeth CARLISLE (~1834-1878), originally from Scarborough, NRY; at the time of his death they were living in Droylsden, LAN.
  William (1836-1877)
Buffer of cotton bobbins, and later a coachman. Married Mary HOLDSWORTH (~1823-1903) from Cleckheaton, WRY; they lived in Liversedge, WRY.
  Richard Wheatley (1838-1874)
Doffer in a cotton mill; later cordwainer, then an innkeeper in Meltham and Huddersfield, WRY. Married Frances BASTOW (~1838-1901); she continued as an innkeeper after he died.
  Alfred (1840-1896)
His occupations included doffer in a cotton mill, groom, farm servant, carter, dyer's labourer and bricklayer. Married (1) Mary Ann RILEY née SMITH (~1833-1885), from Wyke, WRY; (2) Elizabeth JACKSON (~1849-1909), from Yeadon, WRY, with whom he lived in Leeds, WRY.
  Emma (1843-1869)
Milliner before her marriage; married Buzi BENTLEY (b. abt 1841), a schoolmaster in South Crosland and later Golcar, both WRY.
  George Henry (1844-1917)
Clerk/Bookkeeper; married Esther HAIGH (1843-1926).
  Charles (1846-1883)
Worker in a cotton factory, later a coachman. Married Amelia RAMSDEN (~1839-1924), who had been born in Montreal, Canada; she worked as a dressmaker.
  Elizabeth (1848-1852)