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Arthur Kennedy's Family History


John HIRST (S6) - my 2x great grandfather
Born abt 1832, Badsworth, WRY  
Baptised 21 Oct 1832, Badsworth, WRY
Died 24 Jun 1871, Enderby, LEI
Buried 27 Jun 1871, Enderby, LEI
Parents Richard HIRST and Mary WHEATLEY (S12 & S13)
Notes Lived mostly in Meltham/Honley area of WRY from 1830s to 1860s, and worked as a groom, footman, valet and coachman. Seems to have met his wife when both were working at Horton Hall, Bradford in early 1850s. Worked in Enderby for Charles Brook, textile magnate of Enderby Hall (formerly of Huddersfield area). Memorial in Enderby churchyard.  
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Married 3 May 1853, Bradford, WRY  
Ann WILKINSON (S7) - my 2x great grandmother
Born 6 Nov 1825, Morton, Bingley, WRY  
Baptised 11 Feb 1826, Bingley, WRY
Died 8 Apr 1885, Bradford, WRY
Parents Isaac WILKINSON and Elizabeth WATSON (S10 & S11)
Notes Recorded as a servant in 1851-53; it seems she met her husband when both were working at Horton Hall, Bradford in the early 1850s. She lived in York after her husband died. Her daughter Elizabeth married John STOW, son of her sister Mary.  
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Children Alfred (1855-1936)
Twin of Watson. Schoolteacher, mostly in Marsden, WRY; he also ran an off-licence there from 1894-1907. Choirmaster and Sunday School superintendent at the parish church, and from 1894-1912 a member of the Urban District Council. Married Ellen Louisa BAMFORD (1849-1925), whose father had preceded Alfred as schoolmaster; she taught at the school too. They retired to Garforth, WRY.
  Watson (1855-1937)
Twin of Alfred. Schoolteacher, mainly in York, YKS; married Louisa SCOTT (1850-1885), a schoolmistress.
  Elizabeth (S3) (1858-1944)