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Arthur Kennedy's Family History


William STOW (S8) - my 3x great grandfather
Born 9 Apr 1809, Kildwick, WRY  
Baptised 30 Jul 1809, Kildwick, WRY
Died 24 May 1854, Ossett, WRY
Buried 28 May 1854, Kildwick, WRY
Parents John STOW and Ellen EMMOTT (S16 & S17)
Notes Lived in Cowling (parish of Kildwick) and later in Bradford. Worked as a joiner, and died in an accident at work.  
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Married 29 Nov 1830, Kildwick, WRY  
Ann HUTCHINSON (S9) - my 3x great grandmother
Born 8 Dec 1808, Kildwick, WRY  
Baptised 12 Mar 1809, Kildwick, WRY
Died 20 Dec 1866, Bradford, WRY
Parents Joseph HUTCHINSON and Jane SMITH (S18 & S19)
Notes Remained in Bradford after her husband died, and worked as a cook. Death registered as Nancy STOW.  
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Children Jane (b. 1831)
Weaver; possibly died 1895 or 1899; married Henry GOTT (~1835-1882), a quarryman (among other things).
  William (S4) (1832-1898)  
  Joseph (1835-1893)
Joiner and builder; married (1) Emma MORTIMER (~1836-1869) (2) Emma HANSON née SUGDEN (~1837-1912), who was a grocer in later life.
  John (1837-1903)
Weaver, later board and case maker, then gardener and labourer; married Ann Robinson BROWN (~1833-1879).
  Elizabeth (1838-1859)  
  Robert (1841-1913)
Wood Turner and carver; married Ann BAXENDALE (~1839-1903).
  Mary (1843-1905)
Worsted spinner; married James EDWARDS (b. abt 1839), a basket maker.
  Thomas (b. abt 1846)
Worsted spinner.
  Ann (1850-1933)
Worsted spinner; had 10 children, at least some of whom considered their father to be Nathan MARSHALL (1848-1894), a board and case maker; later married John Henry SMITHSON (~1867-1913), a carter.