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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

George WHEATLEY and Ann EELS

George WHEATLEY (S26) - my 4x great grandfather
Baptised 20 May 1785, Bolton Percy, WRY
Buried 13 Jul 1825, Kirkby Wharfe, WRY
Parents William WHEATLEY and Mary YOUNG (S52 & S53)
Notes After his marriage he lived mainly in Ulleskelf, WRY, but also in Ozendyke, Ryther, WRY for a time. He worked as a labourer.  
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Married 10 Jun 1806, Kirkby Wharfe, WRY  
Ann EELS (S27) - my 4x great grandmother
Born 18 Feb 1784, Towton, Saxton-in-Elmet, WRY  
Baptised 3 Mar 1784, Saxton-in-Elmet, WRY
Died 7 Jul 1866, Ulleskelf, WRY
Parents John EELS and Martha SHILBURN (S54 & S55)
Notes Her name is also found as Ann EELES. She worked as a spinner after her husband died.  
See also Ancestor Chart  
Children Mary (S13) (1807-1879)  
  Sarah (or Ann) (1808-1809)
Baptism and burial entries seem to refer to the same child, but one has the name Sarah and the other Ann.
  Sarah (1809-1821)  
  Hannah (1812-1848)
Married Heneage Deering CALVERT (~1815-1853)
  George (~1815-1894)
Farm Labourer; married Ellen MYERS (~1829-1902)
  Thomas (b. abt 1816)
Farm Labourer; married Sarah CAWOOD (b. abt 1827)
  Martha (b. abt 1819)  
  William (b. abt 1822)
Farm Labourer; married Elizabeth (b. abt 1825)
  Ann (b. abt 1825)