Ashland County Ohio pictures


1880 Autograph Book

In Remembrance to Jon. Armstrong

[Note: All are signed "Enterprise, Kans." unless otherwise noted. Red Autograph Book, very good condition. The names listed are as follows.]

"A.A. Armstrong, Elkhron(?), Ohio --- In remembrance to Jon.(?) Armstrong, from his scholars. Enterprise, Kas., Dec. 23, 1880"

Emma Hopkins

Lillie Halstead

Maude Jones

Nellie Halstead "In memory of school days" [see sample page above]

A.R. Darling, Dec. 25, 1880

John Hartman, Dec. 25, 1880

C.H. Lorvine(?), Detroit, Kansas

Josie Hilty "May we meet again in heaven"

Ida Lamb(?), Dec. 23, 1880

L. Perrine(?), No. 2623 Sherdan Ave., St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 29, 1880

S.W. Margrum, Middletown, Ohio, "Law(?) class of 82"

Louellen E. Staatz(?)

Mamie A. Osgood

Mary Conaret(?), Dec. 23, 1880

J.B. Abbott, Clayton, Michigan, Mar. 22, 1882

W.S. Hosmer, March 22d, 82, Wayne, M., "Medic(?) of 82"

Luenetra(?) Martin, "Christmas Day 1880"
Annie Isoodman(?), Dec. 24, 1880

Minnie Charlotte Martin, "A little girl" Dec. 25, 1880

Mamie Sickies, Dec. 23, 1880

Annie M. Jones, Dec 23, 1880

Bertha Smith, Dec. 23, 1880

Jennie Smith, Dec. 23, 1880

Franz - "While practicing your profession in the far west, don't forget that at your childhood home, among the vine clad hills of old Columbiana County, you have a brother whose kindest regards and well wishes are ever with you.Yours Truly, Franz, June 6, 1883"

J.P. Dickey, June 7, 1883

S(?) Zimmerman, Laubnville(?), M., Ann Arbor, 3-23-82

Gassie Channon(?) Dec. 23, 1880

R.W., "To Henry....From R.W., East Fairfield, O., May 4, 188(?)



This black Autograph Book is in poor condition and was bought at the same multi-dealer auction as the above red book. Several autographs are addressed to Willie and William.

Maggie Korns, Millersburg, 3/2/1884

Wm. L. Skelty, 4/27/1883

Samuel Shank (cousin), Tipton, Iowa, 12/6/84

John F. Boling, 1883

Minnie Harrison, Fredericksburg, Ohio, Wayne Co., June 22, 1884

Samuel Shank (cousin), Feb. 15, 1885

Elizabeth Nithrow, age 57, Nov. 4, 1886

Edna (daughter), age 11 years, 1909

A.J(?). Shank, May 22, 1884

David Close, Millersburg, O., June 23, 1885. Home in Norton, Kansas

C.H. Steele(?), Akron, Nov. 26, 1884

Ora (cousin)

Matta Bell

M.E. Hanna, Jan. 1, 1884

Ella E. Minteo(?), Aug. 17, 1884

Grant M. Elfresh(?), Millersburg, O., Dec. 22

Minnie E. Bell, June 12, 1886

Jennie Hudson, Clarence, Iowa, June 21, 1883

Lizzie Netherson(?), (cousin), Marysville, Iowa
Libbie Berber(?), Elmawood, MO.

R.U. Hanna, Jan. 1, 1884

Elween B. Hoyman, Clarence Iowa, Ju 19, 1883

O Sean E. Graber, Millersburg, Ohio, Dec. 9, 1883

Rebecca M., Millersburg O.

M.J. Rogers, Millersburg O., June 11, 86

J.N. Boling, Stanwood, Ia., 6-21-83

Mathe Beaty, January 1, 1884

Emma Young, Millersburg O., Dec. 24, 83

Emmry Ruhl, Stonie Lundoun, 9/24/83

Jason M. Lundy(?), ?? Grave Ohio

Leonard Schaaf, Shreve, Wayne Co., Ohio, April 27, 1884

W.W. Harbough Clarks, Coshocton, Ohio

David Claney, Stanwood Iowa

Flora Flanegan, Cedar Rapids

Danl Bixler, June 7, 1883

Maggie Uhl, Gardnor Kansas, May 28, 1883

Orla Boling, June 22, 1883, Willie N.(,?) Stanwood (,?) Iowa

Sam Lefrutz(?) [looks like foreign writing]


Background and book by J.O.D.'s B and W Clip Art Collection

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