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Greetings and Welcome - 12 Dec 2003

This Web Site, now more than 3 years old, was originally hosted by RootsWeb.Com - the price was right (free) and it was a good place to learn about how the Internet functions. [It runs on money from Ad Sales - and Content provided by us.] After a few years of operations, "Rootsweb.Com" was obliged to merge in order to survive. Ancestry.Com, the "white knight"; has suppressed all but one of the "ROOTSWEB" categories - "Genealogy".

For the time being, DIRECTORY is a superfluous page that links you only to "Genealogy" - [I have removed links to "Art", "Miscellaneous", and "Computers", corresponding to what Ancestry.Com has done with this site.] When you arrive at the surviving content page, the several links still function. Or should. [My link "Family Tree" has been redirected to Ancestry.Com where you may examine what I have posted using "Family Tree Maker" software - a big surprise to me.]. The "ROOTS" link survives, there you will find photos and anecdotal content that I am about to revise completely. Thanks to my nephew, James Paul Edwards of Long Beach, CA, a considerable amount of new data has become available that profoundly affects most of my assumptions and surmisings.

This site still costs the author nothing; which means the host will display ads by clients who pay the bills.

- Maurice Fraser McDonell

All content is copyrighted - Please inquire via E-mail

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CREDITS: These Web Site pages were originally designed using Microsoft FrontPage Editor; which accounts for the artistic backgrounds and other decorative devices. It also accounts for a lot of surprises; especially when editing and locating images. MS FP Editor code is creative but some of it is difficult to comprehend and edit. One can gain valuable training by rooting out these Microsoft artifacts and replacing them with standard HTML (HyperText Markup Language) Code.
I have been experimenting with Cute HTML and it works if you understand Code - onscreen cue cards pop up whenever you press the left arrowhead.
MS FP Publisher (bundled with FP Editor) that I CANNOT recommend. It is a program that is single-minded in its effort to recruit you to the MS Web Hosting.
In this Web Site, publishing new and revised pages is achieved using Globalscape Cute FTP - an amazingly reliable and useful tool.
Page updates are done with "Cute HTML". Whenever possible, new pages and content are created and edited in Notepad, with new code written as per Mastering HTML 4 Second Edition - SYBEX.

This author is an Amateur; from the Latin 'amar' meaning 'to love'. It helps to be an Amateur - otherwise how could we have fun? I salute those professionals who live and breath these amazing programs!

Thank you for visiting!


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