These extracts were taken by Cathy Wood Osborn from the McLennan County, Texas Marriage Records occurring before 1900.  The dates are presented in the same format as they appear in the records – m/d/y.  I have identified as many as possible and would appreciate any information about any of these persons.






Vol.     Pg.       Groom             Bride               Date    Comments


1              52            Mullins, Jim            Horne, Fillie            12/28/65

1              64            Mullens, Dock        Poke, Mary             10/8/66    Dock was former slave of Mullens family.

1              68            Mullins, Shepherd  Downs, Sallie          12/26/66  Shepherd was former slave of John Henry Mullens (son of James Mullens*).  It is

possible that Sallie Downs was a former slave of William Woods Downs.

1              89            Mullens, James       Belle, Mary             1/30/68

1              120          Mullens, Green       Scott, Ebby             2/10/68    Green was former slave.

1              96            Mullens, J.J.           Mills, Mattie          6/4/68

1              102          Mullens, Coella       Modewell, Mollie E. 8/17/68  F.D. Coella was son of Isaac Newton Mullens (son of James Mullens*).

A             13            Mullens, Chas         Battle, Rachel          4/5/73

B             91            Mullins, Charles     Wilson, Eliza           1/21/79    Black family living in 1870 Waco, McLennan Co. census. Charles b. AL.

B             350          Mullins, E.B.          Gaither, Elvira         5/26/81

B             392          Mullens, F.W.         Carry, Mary W.      10/28/81  Fletcher Walker was son of Isaac Newton Mullens (son of James Mullens*).

D             165          Mullins, Berry        Dixin, Nancy           5/23/85

D             199          Mullins, Anthony   Dickson, Lena A.    8/13/85

D             250          Mullens, W.T.        Jackson, Sallie         11/4/85    William Thomas was son of Thomas Porter Mullens (son of Thomas Mullens*).

D             395          Mullen, P.M.          Caldwell, Lizzie      6/18/86

E              418          Mullins, B.M.         Pruit, Mary             11/7/88

F              22            Mullins, C.M.         Taylor, E.T.            3/4/89

G             14            Mullens, T.M.        Allen, B.E.              12/6/90    Thomas Macon was son of Isaac Newton Mullens (son of James Mullens*). B.E. Allen

was Betty E. (Bloodworth) Allen, the second wife of Thomas Macon.

G             173          Mullens, Berry       Nelson, Mary         7/4/91

G             464          Mullens, Dock        Tisdale, M.E.          7/25/92    Dock was the son of Benjamin Carroll Mullins (son of Thomas Mullens*) M.E. Tisdale

was Bettie Tisdale.

I               296          Mullin, Y.C.            Newman, M.L.       12/24/94

I               376          Mullens, C.M.        Gary, Maggie          3/16/95    Possibly the man of same name as above.

I               450          Mullins, W.R.         Bailey, Bessie         6/5/95

J              85            Mullin, W.T.           Ray, Geirgia            11/7/95

L              259          Mullens, C.M.        Kelley, Willie          12/23/98  Possibly the man of same name as above.




Vol.     Pg.       Bride               Groom             Date    Comments


1              51            Mullins, Caroline    Daniel, Henry         10/30/65  Probably the sister of Shepard Mullens. Originally thought to be Caroline,

former slave of Thomas Mullins* and his wife Charity Couch whose father, John Couch,

transferred ownership via deed of gift in Tishomingo Co. MS

1              83            Mullens, Mary E.   Fuller, Robert          9/28/67    Step-daughter or possibly daughter of Shepard Mullens.**

1              108          Mullins, Margarett Bailey, P.R.             11/18/68  Margarett was daughter of Thomas Porter Mullins (s/o Thomas Mullens*).

1              109          Mullens, Lou          Gardner, J.A.          11/21/68  Louisiana Sturdivant was daughter of Isaac Newton Mullens (son of James Mullens*).

1              131          Mullens, Silvia        Wesley, William      6/12/69    Silvia was possibly former slave of Isaac Pinkney Mullens (son of Thomas Mullens*).

A             5              Mullens, Anna R.   Mumerlyn, Geo. F. 11/14/71  Anna R. was daughter of James Henry Mullens (son of James Mullens*).

A             12            Mullens, Mary       Fields, Wm. A.        1/16/73    Possibly a former slave.

A             25            Mullens, Hattie       Alexander, C.          2/8/75      Possibly Henrietta, daughter of James Henry Mullens (son of James Mullens*).

A             27            Mullens, Alice D.   Hill, Willard            6/19/75   


*James Mullens and Thomas Mullens were sons of William Thomas Mullens and Sarah “Sallie” (Potts) Mullens.  The Mullens family came from Virginia to Wayne County, Kentucky to Madison County, Mississippi Territory to Franklin County, Alabama.

** Shepard Mullens probate documents call Mary E. Fuller his step-daughter. In the probate documents of Agnes Mullens, she is named as daughter of Agnes. It is surmised that Shepard and Agnes may have had a common law arrangement, and Mary E. was their child. More research is needed to clarify these relationships.

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