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Warren House  etc.                                             Belvidere, N.J.   Feby. 1st 1899

Cousin Henry J. and family:

The event is over. You will say at once, What event?  I refer to the big swell affair, the public installation of of the officers of Acho Lodge No. 124 I.O.of O.F. [International Order of Odd Fellows] of Phillipsburg N.J.  It came off on Monday evening Jan., 30th ult.  It was a big affair. One thousand invitations had been issued, and about eight hundred persons, members and visitors were present. I send to you herewith a programe and a slip

cut from a Phillipsburg paper. Phillipsburg you will remember is the town opposite Easton—in N.J. The Grand Marshall was Past.Grand.Master. John H. Griffith who was Grand Master of the I.O.of O.F. When the Sovereign Grand.Lodge. met in Atlantic City you will remember that he gave an address on behalf of the Grand.Lodge.of N.J. which is printed in the Proceedings of the Sovereign.G.L. at that meeting.

I left the Hall at 1:40A.M. and at that time 20 sets were on the floor dancing the Lanciers.

Enough of that.

We are all usually well at my home at this

time and I sincerely hope that you are all enjoying your usual good health at your home.

Isaac Brands who lived at Delaware who married a grand daughter of John Aten deceased, died at his home at Delaware on last Thursday and was buried on Saturday last.  You did not meet him while out here—as he has been confined at his home with the rheumatism for

the past five or six years.  I will send to you a paper containing his obituary notice.  A great many deaths have taken place in our town and all through our county recently.  At one time the past month we had five dead persons on one day in our town.  We have had a good deal of the LaGrippe out with us the present winter.  I had the pleasure of having the said disorder for a week or so.  I also had a public installation at a place called Stewartsville in the southern end of our county on the 21st of January. I send to

you herewith a slip cut from a paper so you can see I am right in the installation business.  Mr. and Mrs. Hay are usually well at this time. Mrs. Hay often speaks about you and says , she often thinks of so many things that her Grandfather Peter Aten used to say and she would like to see you when they come into her mind so She could tell you.  I saw Mrs. A.M.Houser the other day,

She lives at Portland, Pa., and is a grand daughter of John Aten.  She said why did you not bring the relative from Kansas up to see us?  He was my kinsman and I should have liked so much to see him.—Mrs. H. often speaks of you and says—tell Cousin Henry to bring Mrs. A. and come out again and make us another visit and go and see all the relatives.  I saw Isaac Dernberger at a funeral in Belvidere some time ago—and he also said why didn’t you bring that relative from the west to

see me.  Isaac lives at Ackermanville over in Penna.  I had to tell him the western relative got disgusted with our warm summer days and was also compelled by press of business to return home.  I will tell you Cousin Henry as I said above Come out and see us all again, and make us twice glad.  Old “Jenny Jump” still rears her lofty head high up, also Scotts Mountain

still rears her head—high up among the clouds.  The Del. Water Gap is still there as bold and grand as ever.  I hear that they are going to sell the old Albertson premises where we had our reunion.  I wish to state to you frankly that if this old premises is sold a descendant of the house by the name of Nicholas will buy it.  You will no doubt remember that although it is virtually a “Jumping off” place,

yet I have always from a boy thought it was a lovely place and if it is sold I mean to own it.  Just think of it, apart of the house is the same as when my great great grandfather owned it and lived there.  Business of all kinds is quite slow out here. Real estate is getting so very low.

How I would love to go out to Kansas and see you in your

western home.  I mean to visit you if life is spared a few years. 

An old veteran soldier was buried here in Belvidere today  Lorenzo Schoch  he served in a Pennsylvania regiment, and was at Gettysburg.

Please excuse this hastily written letter  I have nothing new at this time regarding the family history.  We all send love and kind regards to you all at your home. I suppose of course you know that Mrs. Prentiss is at Burlington N.J. for the winter. 

I am yours very fraternally                           Nicholas Harris