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Lee House etc.                                                      Belvidere N.J.               Apr 2nd   1901

Dear Cousin Henry J.:

Your kind letter of the 30th ult., duly received and read with pleasure. I have not written to you for some time as there did not seem to be much of special importance to give to you.  We are all very well at my home at this time. As usual I had the Grippe last winter but am over it all right. I saw in the newspapers that Kansas or a portion of it, was having a severe Snowstorm and blizzard in March,--but what

a contrast to what it was here.  It was quite pleasant. Farming is going on here. A good many have sowed oats, and many have planted potatoes—Lots of garden is made, and we see by the swelling buds that spring is indeed here. What fine green things we are now having from South Jersey, and Maryland,--radishes, new lettuce, spring onions,--spinach and other good things—I think I told you and if I did not, possibly you know that New Jersey i.e., South Jersey is second (to?) no place as a Garden State. In our small garden spot we have lettuce s(mall?)

onions planted, radishes coming up and other things planted.

Mrs. Hay and family are quite well now. All your many distant kinsfolk are also usually well. You seem to be very successful in getting Aten history. I have not found any for quite some time. Miss Emma F. Albertson, (you met her several times) who is quite an Elocutionist is sending out circulars arranging for a series of

entertainments. She has sent several of her circulars to me requesting me to send them out. I send two to you—one for each of your daughters that they may have the picture of their distant kinslady. Miss Albertson is a great grand daughter of Nicholas and Japie (Aten) Albertson, and she was raised on the premises where we met when you was out here.  The one contains her own autograph and handwriting.

Genl. Funston is certainly a great soldier, and a man any State could be proud of. The daughter of Mr. Aaron J. Thompson, a niece of the Doctor, is home on a visit. She has been for some years a missionary in Japan. We

want to get her to come up and make an address in the church I attend, First Pres., before she returns to Japan. I have seen her a few years ago before she first went. She is a very bright lady. Dr. Thompson informed me that they thought of having a Thompson reunion. Miss Stella Aten is certainly a good Latin Scholar, and I firmly believe she is a good tutoress (or tutres). Ask her to inform me which is right.  The Pan American Exposition is talked about out here a good deal, and is to be a big show—you will without a doubt want to go to it. They

say that Rail Road fare by D.L.& W.R.R. is already announced to be $5.00 for the round trip from New York. You will all desire also to see Niagara Falls, only a few miles from Buffalo. If you or your daughters would like to have a little booklet, just send a request by postal to The Pan American Board of Publication, Buffalo N.Y. and you will be sent one. They sent one to me, and I see in the newspapers they invite all who wish one to write for it.—I see that the Pan American postage stamps are to be on sale May 1st. I hope that you are all well at your home. If life is spared I am going to the Worlds Fair in St Louis in 1903—I will be pleased to hear from you at any time. We all send love and kind regards to you all        

Yours very respectfully            Nicholas Harris