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Just a Note

Genealogy is a living, ever-changing pursuit, and to that end I'm in the process of changing what formerly were notes to source documentation. If sources don't appear in a record, it means either (1) that record hasn't yet been updated or (2) the information is from a source I haven't yet personally researched. In some cases I have much more in the way of information and leads than shows here. If you'd like more information or have information to share, please email me. These pages will be updated as more sources are converted, and I'd love to hear from anyone who finds the information useful,  finds errors, or has additional information.

If you share the contents of this genealogy with others please cite this page and include the email address so others may contact me. Finally, don't rely on what you find here to build your family tree; rather, use it as clues for your own research.   Thanks, Beth