Paintings by 
Harriet Clark 
Three paintings on glass, which originally formed a telephone screen. I'm still working on the daisies and pansies.
Heuvelton (NY) Mechanic's Band
This 1887 picture shows the Johnston love of music. A family story says that Robert H. enlisted for the Civil War just so he could play music every day. Warning: it's a slow loader!
Johnston/Barrigar: The 1998 Search
Four pages of pictures taken during a research trip to St. Lawrence, Co., NY and environs. 
Papers & 
Robert H. Johnston's Civil War Discharge

General & Family Resources

Great places to visit !
USGenWeb Project 
A marvelous way to point and click your way to genealogy in any part of the United States. Clicking on the USGenWeb link will take you to the main page, where you can click to choose a state and then a county. Each county has  surname and query data bases in addition to local information not likely to be found elsewhere on the web, plus links to other sites of local interest.
Roots Web
"The Internet's Oldest and Largest Genealogy Site," RootsWeb provides an amazing amount of material for free. It hosts mailing lists, surname lists and searches, user mailing lists, and much, much more.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
More than you ever dreamed of knowing about genealogy resources. If you can't find it anywhere else, it's probably here.
John Fuller's Web Site  (Genealogy Resources on the Internet)
A quick way to learn to use mailing lists, Usenet newsgroups , Ftp sites , Telnet sites, and Gopher sites. Where subscribing or registering is necessary, this site will guide you right through it.
United States
View, download, and print out actual copies of your ancestors' land patents. There's "access to more than two million Federal land title records for the Eastern Public Land States, issued between 1820 and 1908."  Don't worry  about the  "Eastern." States currently included are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. More states (presumably what we now call eastern) are promised soon.
If all that Township, Range, and Section stuff confused you in school, go here for a refresher course. Next thing you know you'll be driving right to your ancestor's old homestead!
USGS Mapping Information: GNIS Database Query Form
When you can't find that elusive town or cemetery, try this.
Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario - National Archives of Canada
Think of all the times you've wished for a census index!
National Archives of Canada - Archives nationales du Canada
Chock full of genealogical information and help.
Canadian Geographical Names - Natural Resources Canada
When you can't find that elusive town, try this.
Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid Database Search 
Not complete but can be very useful, and the page has search capabilities. Cemetery lists are constantly being updated. 
New York  
 Ohio Historical Society Ohio Searchable Data Bases
Death Certificate Index, Military (including Civil War) Rosters, and more.
Ohio Historical Society Puzzlers
" . . . images and artifacts we've tried, but been unable to identify, and those images and artifacts that we've identified but might present a challenge for our patrons to identify--the oddities and obscurities  that so often get lost in history. "
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