Attwood Family Photo Album


Attwood Family Photo Album

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Family Photos 014.jpg (15187 bytes)

Frank Mainwood Attwood, 1886-1944,of Olton, Warwickshire

Family Photos 020.jpg (10423 bytes)

George William Attwood, (1923-1944), Killed in Action, Normandy 1944


ES Varnom (Attwood).jpg (26106 bytes)

Edith Selina Attwood (nee Varnom), 1885-1931

George Harry Attwood.jpg (120549 bytes)

George Harry (1887-1970) and Eleanor Attwood

John Attwood 1857-1931.jpg (50364 bytes)

John Attwood, 1857-1931, of Charlecote, Warwickshire

Ida and Emma Attwood.jpg (333598 bytes)

Ida Mercy Attwood and Emma Jean Attwood who emigrated to Florida in 1919

Jane G.White.jpg (290708 bytes)

Jane Attwood, Frank Attwood's first wife who emigrated to Florida in 1919

Attwood Brothers.jpg (89370 bytes)

John Attwood Jnr and Brothers

John and Florence Attwood's Golden Wedding.jpg (91057 bytes)

John Attwood and Florence Newell's Golden Wedding  c1936

Bert  Margaret Pitcher with Reg.jpg (289119 bytes)

Bert and Margaret Pitcher (nee Attwood 1897-1984) with Reg Pitcher, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.

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