Genealogy: August Klump
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August Klump
Anna Fehrenkamp Klump
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Wilhelm August Klump
     August Klump was one of those men and women who under undue hardship and burden took it upon themselves to leave their home and sail into the unknown. Searching for hope and yet confused by the misconceptions which they carried like the heavy luggage they toted from the ships which brought them here. They walked from their ships onto a new mainland where they hoped their dreams would come true. These folks are the ancestors, the father and the mothers of all of us, whom we owe a great debt of gratitude.
     August Klump left his home in Germany in 1847. He had lived in Beerfelden, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany but dreamed of America. His occupation listed on the ship manifest notes that he was a dyer. One of the main reasons many people left Europe for America was because of the Industrial revolution, whereby machinery was invented to do the work formily done by hand labor. This surely could have been the case for his noted profession. Farmland overcrowding also played a major part in much immigration. Added to these was the fact that glowing pictures of Texas were being presented in Germany by many writers. It was also at this time that the Adelsverein Immigration to Texas began.
     The Adelsverein was organized in Germany and initiated its project to send thousands of Germans to Texas. This group, consisting of fourteen German princes and noblemen, met at Biebrich on the Rhine on april 20, 1842. Its purpose was to form an orgainization known as the Verein zum Schutze deutscher Einwanderer in Texas, or "Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas.  It became known simply as the "Verein  in Texas. this orgainization decided to secure land in Texas for immigrants who wished to settle there and, as stated in its constitution drawn up on March 25, 1844, "to protect the emigrants on their long journey and in their new home, and to employ every means to secure form them a new home across the seas.  Between 1845 and 1847 many people settle in Texas under the auspices of the Verein. It is quite probable that August Klump was one of the multitude which made up the
     Verein immigration. He set sail aboard the ship Jas. N. Draper from Bremen, Germany, which was one of the primary Verein ports, and arrived in Galveston Texas on October 23, 1847. Most of the immigrants didnít start inland from Galveston, but took smaller boats to Indianola and made their way inland from there. His first couple of years in Texas are not well documented; however, there are a couple of land deeds recorded from Mason and Llano counties for August Klump. The Verein promised 160 acres for any single male person over the age of 17. These land records could be the fullfillment of the Vereinís immigration contract. Each emigrant signed such an immigration contract, and it was this contract wich entitled him to the acreage. His journey from 1847 when he first set foot in Texas and 1849 when his first presents in Austin county is recorded will probably never be known; however anyone of the immigrants whowere granted land by the Verein had to settle onto the land for two years. This might be where he spent his first two years in Texas.
     In 1849 August Klump settle in Austin County in Duffís Settlement, which in 1850 became known as New Ulm. In itís beginning New Ulm boasted of a socalled Schuetzen-Verein (military organization). The members of the community wore uniforms of a light green color. In late 1849 or ealy 1850, the date isnít precise, August Klump was elected the first Justice of Peace in New Ulm. On December 4, 1849 August Klump married Anna Fehrenkamp and they settle on a homestead in the timberland on the eastern edge of New Ulm.
     Anna Fehrenkamp was the fifth child of Bernard Anton and Anna (Rhode) Fehrenkamp. She was born in Jaderberg, Oldenburg, Germany on March 10, 1833. Bernard and Anna Fehrenkamp came to Texas in 1844 and settle in Frelsberg, Colorado County, Texas. The Fehrenkamps had a large family.
     August and Anna farmed their land and soon started their family. They had twelve children, nine of which lived into adulthood. In 1852 their first son William was born. Followed by Audry in 1853, who died young, Emilie in 1855, August in 1857, who died young, Adolf in 1859, who died young, Otto in 1859, Bertha in 1861, Egenhardt in 1863, Albert in 1866, Ernst in 1868, Louis in 1871, and Henrietta in 1874.
     The August Klump family lived in a house on 220 acres on the outskirts of New Ulm. There were fields on three sides of their large house. They lived there for nearly 30 years until 1883 when they relinquished the title to the homestead to their oldest son William. William had married Marie Pille in 1877 and they had been living with her parents since the marriage. August and Anna acquired a new homestead near Greenvine, Washington county, so they packed up the rest of the family and moved the 25 odd miles into the rolling Washington county countryside. Emilie had married Roman Blaschke in 1878 and they lived between Cat Spring and Sealy, Texas. She remained there for the rest of her live.
     The Klump homestead in Washington county would become known as the Klump Community. Klump was a post office town from 1899 to 1903 and Louis Klump was postmaster from May 1900 until December 1903 when service was dicontinued and moved to Greenvine. There was also a school located in Klump. August spent the rest of his live on his homestead near Greenvine; however, he died in 1889 and didnít live to see the establishment of the Klump Community as a postoffice town. Nothing else is known about his live in Washington county.
     His children Otto, Albert, Ernst, Louis, and Henrietta and their families all lived in the Klump Community area in 1900 and it was they that established the communtiy. Henrietta had married Louis Heins of Greenvine in 1892 and she was the only one of Augustís children to remain in the area nearly her entire adult life. She remained there until 1946, when after the death of Louis she moved into Brenham. Sometime shortly after 1910 Louis Klump and his family were the last of August Klumpís children to leave the Klump Community. They moved to the Cat Spring area in Austin County. The others had already spread to all points before 1900. Otto had moved his family north to Old Glory, Stonewall county, Texas. Egenhardt and his family moved to Goliad county, Texas. Albert and his family moved to Rosebud, Falls County, Texas. Ernst and his family moved back into Austin county in 1906 or 1907 to a small community named Schoenau. Please see each individual chapter for more information about each child.
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