Augustus Mark Brown, and Zalia Louise Virgin Family History

Brown Family History

These are some favorite photo's of my grandparents,  Augustus Mark Brown and Zalia Louise Virgin

Their wedding photo

At their Roy, Utah home

Anniversary Photo

My Grandfather commenced school at Grant School-Ogden, UT. As a child the family moved from Ogden to LaVell, ID. On a 160-acre farm also 600 head of sheep. They lived there 4 years.

From there they moved to Burton ID on another farm where they raised grain. At the age of 18 the family moved to Rexburg ID. where he met and married Zalia Louise Virgin in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple Sept. 4, 1912 by A. H. Lund.

They lived in Rexburg in a two-room house of their own, where he worked at the Sugar factory at Sugar City, ID. The next spring they moved to his father in laws farm and worked for him.

In Oct. 1913 their first child was born-a baby boy named Harlin Loraine. He lived only 21 days and died of Pneumonia, that same fall they moved back to Sugar City where he worked at the Sugar Factory.

July 1914 in the spring they took up a Dry Farm at Dubois, ID. Each Fall they would move back to Sugar City to work at the Sugar Factory and back to the dry farm each spring. Most of the crops were a failure from lack of water. In July 20 1920another boy was born. He lived only 4 days and died of bowel obstruction.

In the spring of 1921 he went back to his father in laws farm to work. By now they had three living children, Amos A., Alice Louise, Harlo. Norman their fourth child born Aug 1 1922. They went back and forth from Dubois and Rexburg until the spring of 1923 when he went to work at Canyon Creek ID. For Mr. Browning and back to Rexburg December 1923 his Uncle Harry Brown wrote and asked him if he to Riverdale, Utah and manage a 40 acre fruit farm. After they had moved to Utah they had two more boys, Leland and Marvin.

At the death of his uncle he bought the fruit farm and made it his permanent home. He was very active in the LDS Riverdale ward, being teach and president of the mutual, Genealogy president, doing a lot of work for the dead, Member of the Scout committee, High Priest President and ward Teacher. Oct 10 1952 he fell from a scaffold while working on his sonís home, breaking his back, and sustained a wound on his head. In Jan 1953 the Doctor discovered he had a blood clot on his head, they removed it but it was too late to save his eyesight.

His wife of fifty-two years died Sept 14, 1964. He lived until May 22, 1973 and died of Pneumonia, always waiting and hoping he could join his wife, which he loved and missed very much.

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