Auty Genealogy

Auty Genealogy

New AUTY Community Site

A new Auty Genealogy Community Site has been created to add additional functionality and create a permanent home for Auty researchers to contribute their own work. Check it out.

Original AUTY Genealogy Site

This site is maintained as a resource for people researching their connections to the AUTY name and variations, which include


Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you might have about the name. I have thousands of AUTY names in my database and I'm always interested in adding more.

Be sure to visit our Research section, as many individual Auty families are listed there. I am willing to post your family there, if you are looking for others connected to that family. You will also find other Auty families , which are an accumulation of Auty individuals and families by town, with resources used that include the IGI (International Genealogical Index) and various census' as well as individual contributions.

The Auty List is a surname list on Rootsweb, which is for anyone with a connection to the Auty name. Take a moment to browse the archives to see if anyone else is researching your Auty family.

I hope you find this site useful and any comments to improve this site are appreciated. Please feel free to contact me Brian Auty.

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