William Avery Rockefeller


William Avery Rockefeller, third child of Lucy Avery Rockefeller, was born November 13, 1810, at Granger, New York and married Eliza Davison, February 18, 1837 at Niles, New York. Eliza died March 28, 1889, at the home of her son William, in new York City. William Avery and Eliza Davison Rockefeller had six children: Lucy, John Davison, William, Mary Ann, twins - Franklin and Francis.

William was a "botanic physician", an itinerant dispenser of cure-alls and was referred to as Doctor. He drove the finest of horses, provided well for his family and saw that his children had the finest education. He loved the out-of-doors and taught his sons to appreciate it and many other activities; swimming, skating, horsemanship and the appreciation of music. At the time of his wife's death the whereabouts of Dr. Avery Rockefeller was unknown. The following story was released after her death. A reporter uncovered evidence at Freeport, Illinois that William Avery Rockefeller deserted his wife Eliza shortly after the Civil War, adopting the name Dr. William Levingston. He concluded a bigamist marriage with a Miss Margaret L. Allen in Ontario. Later they moved to Freeport and also lived part of the time on the "bridegroom's" 400 acre ranch on the Park River in North Dakota. He died May 11, 1906 at the age of 96 and was buried in an unmarked grave in Freeport. In spite of the evidence, Dr. William Avery Rockefeller remains a man of mystery.