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Dedication This web site is dedicated to my family, past and present. The ones in the past hide from me, and I expect, they had a good laugh or two, as I searched for them. Those in the present who hid facts from me, and told stories of the past with a slightly off kilter view. This web site is a work in progress, and may contain items the reader will not agree with, or think kindly of, but that doesn't seem to be my problem, as I did it alone for the most part, and it is for me and my parents I completed as much as I have. I will gladly take into consideration any changes, ( that can be proved) and will enter information given me that has been proved.

No part of this web site may be copied for any reason at this time. It is the sole property of the author.

What my parents left for me - (a poem by the author for my parents)

I have no silver candlesticks left from my Mother's place, I have what Mother gave me, I have my Mother's face. I have my Father's spirit, it lives within my heart. Though they are gone and I'm alone, I know we never part. The names of Jones and Avery, both on the Mayflower came. I need no baubles from the past - I have my parent's name.

And I thank them both.

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