Ayer/Ayre Genealogy
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The Descendants of the Immigrant John Ayer
of Haverhill, Massachusetts

This site is prepared by: Janson Ayer

Thank you for your interest. The purpose of this site is to share genealogy information / records for anyone searching this particular Ayer line. The information on this site is based on my research, as well as the wonderful research others have done as well. Please see my references page here, listing most of these people who have shared their research with me.

I am not saying the information is 100% correct, but it is correct to the best of my knowledge and research. Please visit our comments page here to inform me of any corrections, additions, or comments!

To help the reader, only the prevalent spellings of "Ayer" is used on this site. This surname had 43 recognized spellings in early England starting with E, H, A, or I and even the prefix "Le". In New England there were at least 75 known varients. For a history of the many spellings of this surname, download the Ayer files from "The New England Heratige" from our Downloads page.

**Be sure to visit the Downloads page for actual scans of hard to find vital documents, publications, Census Scans, and Military Documents!!


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