The Internet Home of the Ames-Mammana-Celis clan
Hawaii, 2004

Wedding day, 2004. Anaeho'omalu Bay, Hawaii. © 2004 Kris Anderson

Welcome to our home on the Rootsweb range.

Plans were big for this page, but lack of free time means a change in plans.

This is currently the main page for my genealogy research. Follow the links below to begin exploring the patrilineal lines of our humble blended family.

If you notice something missing, broken or in need of correction, please let me know. But be gentle - this is an incomplete work in progress and mostly just a hobby, not really meant to be an indisputable source of proven facts. Though, you can trust that I try to keep it as factually accurate as possible.

That said, I do strongly believe in citing, sourcing and documenting my research. And the time will come when I tackle the oversized project which is adding such information to this site. I am a Mac user and so I use Reunion software to manage my sourcing documentation. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know where I have found proof of what I have here.

Other pie-in-the-sky plans I have for this site include, but are not limited to: modernizing it with a responsive design to make it mobile friendly, making it database driven, adding photos, building out a list of surnames that are included in my research, choosing a single, attractive, efficient navigation design and maybe even turning it into a blog.

I don't get paid to do this so I don't pay for this webspace. Those ads at the top and bottom of the page are what makes this webspace free, so I'll put up with it. I hope you will, too.

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