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The Zopp Family in CyberSpace II
updated November 23, 2009
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Today the Village of Zopp is a suburb of Alsdorf, Germany. The Village is significantly located at the crossroads of Ottenfelder Road from Alsdorf to Herzogenrath and the Aachener Highway, a trade route from Cologne to Maastricht, built by the Romans. The area is mentioned for the first time in 1191 in an ecclesiastical certificate, in Cologne and again in 1420 in the Weistum of the glory of Alsdorf. The sixth right proof calls vested titles of the Alsdorfer castle gentlemen at Landereien, which is on this side of and beyond the "Vettenzoppen". The Weistum calls the Village (Weiler), "Tzoyppen". Inhabitants of the Village had to deliver their tenth, not to Alsdorf, but after Herzogenrath, to the Pfarre Gertrudis in Afden. And, since 1443 to the church for Maria Ascension Day. Perhaps the name means "cultivation of fields" (Zoffen). For centuries the history of this area was held by the Dukedom of Limburg and has divided many times. Limburg and Alsdorf were united with Brabant, it belonged then to Burgundia. Then it falls to the House of Habsburg and becomes, near the dividing of the Habsburgish land, annexed to Spain. At the end it belonged for a scanty 100 years to Austria, then it was annexed to France from 1794 to 1814. The History of the Jülich's Localities goes much quieter up to the extinction of Jülich's dukedom-family, the domain belonged to the duchy of Jülich. When it was unified at the Vienna Congress in 1815 and after some interim resolutions, the district belonged to Palatinate, until it fell to France. In 1936-1937 the village population showed a major growth. Dozens of new homes sites and roads were constucted. Today the Village of Zopp is the most beautiful local part of Alsdorf, undisputed as shown in many regional competitions. In 1991 Alsdorf and surrounding towns celebrated an 800 Year-Centenary.

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