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The aim of this website is to bring together all the information and people, anywhere in the world, in one central place with a connection to the name BAALHAM and its variants. The name BAALHAM centres around the county of Suffolk, England in particular, Polstead. Many of those who were from other parts of the country (England) appear to have roots with these areas. This site has been extensively updated and is in the process of viewing the primary sources of each individual. This work will take some time but will be updated regularly and will be referenced so that you can view and find the primary source easily. It is worth checking all variants as many spellings are used for the same individual. The data contained on this site has been collected from various sources. 

  Please note: Due to the amount of information stored, some pages may take time to download. 

  Email Me (Melanie) with information or questions about BAALHAM (and variant spellings). 


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The BAALHAM resource centre's research is based on accuracy, however, it does not accept responsibility for any errors that may have occurred. Please use the information as a guide for your research and where possible view the primary source. All information received is accredited to the individual who kindly submitted the information.

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