Kawakawa School
This is a list of some of the pupils attending in 1897 It is not neccessarily a complete list It has ben compiled from a document of Auckland District school children who signed an
address to her for her Diamond Jubilee
The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
Aldred, Ellen
Black, Annie
Black, John
Brewer, Elizabeth Jane Angaline
Brewer, Mary Florence
Culleton, Joseph
Culley, John R.
Culley, Jonathan Alexander
Culley, Pheobe Catherine
Cully, Joseph
Cummings, Margaret Millicent
Cummings, Stuart
Flanagan, Susan
Fleet, Albert
Fleet, William
Garaway, Annie
Garaway, Edith
Garaway, Gordon
Griffin, John
Halliday, Arthur
Halliday, Bertha
Halliday, Edith
Halliday, Sophie
Harrop, Edwin
Harrop, George

Heatley, Lizzie
Hislop, Alexander
Hislop, Lizzie
Hislop, William
Howe, Alice Blanch
Jeffries, Ellen Frances
Jeffries, Harry
Keatley, Florence
Keatley, John
Keatley, Nellie

Kelly, Alice
Kelly, Isabella
Kenworthy, Francis
Kenworthy, Harold
Kenworthy, Joseph
Kenworthy, Lily
Kenworthy, Margrett Maria

Lee, Emerson
Lee, James
Lee, Jane
Lee, Lizzie
Lee, Mary
Lee, William
Marshall, Frederick
Marshall, Maggie
Martin, John
Martin, Richard
Martin, William
Middleton, Chrissie
Middleton, Eva
Middleton, Frederick
Moore, Charlotte
Moore, Irene
Moore, Thomas
Morgan, Harriet
Neill, Annie
Neill, Margaret
Neill, Phoebe
O'Connor, Mary
O'Connor, Maurice
O'Connor, Willie
Richardson, Isabel
Ruffell, Alice Emma
Ruffell, Heber
Ruffell, Nellie
Saunders, William
Sly, Edric
Smeath, Annie
Smeath, Caroline
Smeath, John
Smeath, Lilian
Smeath, Robert
Smith, Catherine
Squire, Albert
Squire, Charlotte Grace
Squire, William
Steers, Ada
Stewart, Ethel May
Stewart, George
Stewart, Olive
Swinbanks, John
Swinbanks, May
Swinbanks, May
Waymouth, Isabell
Williams, Florance
Woods, Charles
Woods, Clara
Woods, James
Woods, John
Woods, Mary Ann
Woods, Sarah
Young, Mary
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