Margaret Gauley   
Margaret Gauley

Margaret Gauley - 1903

Margaret Gauley was born in Ashfield Township, Huron County, Ontario on August 27, 1886, the daughter of Abram Gauley and Sarah Henderson.  She married George Whitfield Bachelder  in 1904 in London, Ontario.  She was the mother of ten children and lived in London, Ontario; Bashaw, Alberta; Parent, P.Q.; Vancouver, B.C.; La Tuque, P.Q.;
Dunnville, Ontario; Bronte, Ontario; and Milton, Ontario.  She died on September 4, 1965.

Abram Gauley Family Tree
by Doris (Bachelder) Petersen

Abram Gauley (came from Skye)
Sarah Jane Gauley (nee Henderson) 
Isaac Gauley (son) 
Elizabeth Chisholm (Gauley) Aunt Lizzie, daughter
Margaret Bachelder (Gauley) Mamma daughter 
Sarah Youngblut (Gauley) Aunt Sadie daughter

Abram Gauley family

They farmed near Lucknow, Ont. I think the children were born there (check with vital statistics) Later moved into Goderich. Grampa G. was a cooper, had learned his trade in Skye, where he came from.Margaret Gauley - about 1900   Goderich, Ont

One day Grampa G. was trying to put a hayrack on a wagon,- Gramma G. saw this and rushed out to give a hand. She lifted too much and strained her heart. She collapsed. Was sick a lot after that, spent mst of her time in bed-- one day she died. The children (Mamma was 9 or 10 at the time) Uncle Isaac was 14. They were farmed out among relatives. Mamma went to an Aunt & Uncle in London who had a small tailor shop. I don’t have too much about Grampa Gauley except that he was out in a small boat on Lake Huron soon after losing Gramma. He evidently fell in or had a heart attack and died in the lake. He was 60 years old. Could be buried in a cemetery in Goderich.Margaret Bachelder and Doris in Alberta about 1910
Gramma Gauley had some brothers. One lived in Detroit,- Peter Henderson. Mamma and Aunt Lizzie went to the World’s Fair with him. She said he was very tall and had red hair.

- written by Doris (Bachelder) Petersen
Margaret (Gauley) Bachelder about 1929Margaret about 1929

Margaret (Gauley) Bachelder, La Tuque - about 1930

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