Jerusha Ann(e) Davis McLean

Jerusha Anne Davis McLean

December 1820 - ?

A widowed 55-year old JERUSHA MCLEAN can be found in the 1880 U. S. Census in the 3rd Ward, Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Living with her is Emma J. Davis, a 21-year old single woman who is most likely her neice, the daughter of Charles Davis and Mary Musser. In the census, Jerusha's mother's birthplace is listed as England; her father's, Pennsylvania. A Denmark-born servant, Elizabeth Marker, is listed as living with Jerusha as well.

In the 1900 and 1910 U. S. Census Jerusha can again be found in Willaimsport, Pennsylvania. Her grand neice, Encie H. Soules (neice of Emma, mentioned above, and daughter of Clara Frances Davis and George Washington Soules), is listed living with her in each case.

According to the 1900 census, Jerusha was born in New Jersey in December of 1820. Jerusha is listed as widowed. The 1910 Census lists her as the mother of one child, no longer living, but the 1900 Census says she never had children. A family member recalls that Jerusha had no children of her own.

That same family member remembers that Jerusha was referred to as "Aunty." Before Encie went to live with her, Encie's sister, Anna, who died before she reached her twenty-first birthday, lived with Aunty. Anna is reported to have been extremely unhappy living there. One speculation is that she may have committed suicide as a result, but no documentation to support that theory has been found.

It appears that Encie was the next to move in with Jerusha. It is thought that Encie believed Jerusha would bequeath her estate to her. (The census reports that Jerusha owned the home in which she lived at 636 Pine Street in Williamsport.) As it turns out, Jerusha is said to have left her money to the church (presumably Trinity Episcopal), while Encie received only some personal items.

There was a Jerusha A. Davis who was a dressmaker living in Wilkes-Barre Township in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania at the time of the 1860 census. This is probably the same woman.

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