About This Project


This project began several years ago. What started as a simple family genealogy grew to encompass an entire area of New England. Every connection I found to someone in my database was added. Before I knew it, I had 65,000+ individuals. Maybe I have some delusional idea of connecting the world, well, not in this lifetime!

At this point I decided that since most of my paternal ancestors stayed in the Western part of New Jersey, I would confine my research to that area. As if I don't have enough other projects going also! When I refer to Western (old style-East Jersey/West Jersey), I am referring principally to the counties of Salem, Cumberland, Cape May, Burlington and Gloucester. However, with the close proximity of Philadelphia, that area is included to some degree as are other surrounding areas.
Since humans have this odd habit of moving all the time, it is impossible to confine this type of work exclusively to one area.

I cannot say that this work is anywhere near 100% accurate. Every time I find another reference source, I find that some of my information is incorrect or incomplete. Hence, I will be making revisions to the database somewhat regularly. If anyone who reads this has comments, questions, revisions or additions, please please send me an email. I sincerely welcome all comments.

Anyway, enough of this. I think I have covered everything that needs to be explained or clarified. Thank you for taking the time to read this and again thanks to all of those who have contributed to this work.



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