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Aaronson(16), Abbie(1), Abbott(155), Abel(1), Abiah(1), Abigail(28), Ackers(3), Ackley(8), Acton(113), Adams(129), Adcock(5), Adele(1), Adeline(1), Adell(1), Adyn(1), Aertsen(2), Agnes(6), Aikens(1), Aires(1), Aker(1), Akers(2), Alberson(16), Albertson(81), Albin(1), Albright(1), Alcorn(9), Alcott(2), Alday(1), Alderman(30), Aldrich(1), Ale(2), Alexander(5), Alfenbach(1), Alford(5), Alger(4), Alice(11), Allanson(2), Allen(437), Alley(2), Allinson(63), Alloway(4), Allyn(1), Almy(1), Alsop(9), Alston(1), Alton(1), Alwood(1), Ambler(20), Ames(1), Amidon(1), Amos(3), Amy(5), Andersdotter(1), Anderson(39), Anderson\Andrews(1), Andrews(178), Andrus(2), Angevine(1), Angie(1), Ann(60), Anna(9), Annable(1), Anne(10), Annie(1), Ansell(1), Anthony(11), Antram(160), Antrim(12), Apple(1), Appleby(1), Applegate(16), Appleton(4), Applin(3), Apuldrefield(1), Arched(1), Archer(7), Ardearne(2), Areson(1), Arey(7), Armington(1), Armitage(1), Armstrong(8), Arnett(4), Arney(7), Arnold(6), Aronson(5), Arthalinda(1), Arthur(4), Ash(2), Ashbridge(4), Ashbrook(3), Ashburn(1), Ashburner(1), Ashbury(1), Ashcraft(1), Ashead(1), Ashmead(1), Ashton(10), Aspen(1), Atkins(3), Atkinson(97), Atlantic(1), Atwater(1), Atwil(1), Aurand(1), Austin(130), Avery(1), Avis(9), Axford(1), Ayars(768), Ayers(2), Ayres(5), Babcock(1), Bacon(560), Badgeley(1), Badgley(1), Bagley(1), Bagnall(1), Bailey(31), Baker(59), Baldwin(2), Ball(6), Ballard(2), Ballenger(7), Ballinger(156), Bamford(1), Bancroft(4), Baner(8), Bangs(15), Banks(6), Bannard(3), Banner(1), Banning(1), Barbara(5), Barbary(1), Barber(29), Barbour(1), Barden(1), Bardolph(2), Bardwell(1), Barker(26), Barlow(1), Barnard(3), Barnes(37), Barnett(1), Barney(1), Barnhart(1), Barns(4), Barracliff(6), Barratt(17), Barrett(17), Barrin(1), Barrish(1), Barron(3), Barrow(1), Barrowe(1), Bartlett(8), Barton(22), Baskerfield(1), Bass(2), Bassett(316), Bastine(1), Bate(2), Bateman(163), Bates(37), Bathsheba(3), Batman(1), Batten(6), Batton(1), Baty(2), Baxter(2), Bayard(1), Bayes(2), Baynton(2), Beach(1), Beakes(1), Beard(1), Beardsley(4), Bearford(2), Bearse(2), Beasley(3), Beaston(1), Beatty(3), Beaumont(1), Beck(26), Beckett(4), Beckwith(2), Bedell(3), Bediant(6), Bee(13), Beebe(2), Beemer(1), Beere(1), Beers(2), Beesley(15), Beeston(1), Belange(2), Belangee(1), Belcamp(1), Belden(4), Bell(43), Bellange(11), Belle(1), Bellis(2), Belnap(1), Belton(1), Bement(1), Bench(1), Benedict(2), Benezet(2), Bennett(57), Benson(3), Bentley(1), Benton(4), Bentz(1), Bereman(8), Berke(1), Berry(8), Berryman(3), Bertron(1), Beston(1), Bethia(1), Betsey(1), Betterson(1), Betterton(1), Bettle(86), Betts(2), Beulah(3), Bevan(1), Beverly(1), Bevis(1), Bezer(1), Bibbins(1), Bickham(5), Bickley(2), Biddle(92), Biggs(2), Bilderback(54), Biles(1), Bill(1), Billington(4), Billins(1), Bills(2), Bingham(2), Birch(5), Bird(2), Birdsall(1), Birtwistle(3), Bishop(105), Bispham(29), Bitters(4), Bitting(1), Bittle(1), Bivens(2), Bivins(14), Blachly(1), Black(58), Blackburn(5), Blackford(2), Blackman(1), Blackmore(1), Blackwell(1), Blackwood(21), Blain(1), Blakeman(1), Blanchard(3), Blancheau(1), Blancon(1), Blanding(1), Blanja(1), Blencowe(1), Blenkow(2), Blew(54), Blizzard(13), Blood(2), Bloomfield(4), Blossom(3), Blowerses(1), Blux(1), Bodfish(1), Bodine(6), Bodley(3), Bogcoe(1), Boggs(4), Bohannan(1), Bolden(1), Bollen(2), Bolton(21), Bond(29), Bonham(98), Bonnel(2), Bonnell(4), Bonner(1), Bonsall(1), Boody(2), Book(1), Boon(12), Boone(4), Booth(9), Borden(34), Borion(2), Borough(1), Borradaill(1), Borrodaill(5), Borton(245), Boss(1), Bosworth(1), Botsford(1), Boud(1), Boudinot(3), Boultinghouse(1), Bourne(12), Bowen(381), Bower(9), Bowers(1), Bowker(25), Bowles(1), Bowne(13), Boyce(3), Boyd(6), Boyden(1), Boyer(2), Bozarth(10), Brackney(14), Braddock(18), Bradford(34), Bradgate(1), Bradhurst(2), Brading(1), Bradshaw(23), Bradway(365), Brady(1), Braithwaite(1), Bramble(1), Bramford(1), Bran(1), Brandrith(2), Branin(15), Brannin(2), Brannon(1), Branson(19), Brasier(1), Braun(1), Bray(1), Brayman(3), Breed(7), Breintnall(7), Bretsler(1), Brewer(9), Brewster(34), Brian(13), Briant(1), Brice(1), Brick(105), Bridget(2), Briggs(11), Bright(16), Brightman(1), Brigitta(1), Brinchley(3), Brinkley(1), Brinks(1), Brinley(2), Brinton(46), Bristol(2), Brittain(1), Britton(2), Brock(4), Brockhull(1), Broderick(1), Bromfield(1), Bronson(6), Brook(2), Brooke(2), Brooks(545), Broomal(1), Broomall(1), Broome(2), Brough(1), Brown(242), Browne(2), Browning(1), Brownson(2), Bruen(2), Bruer(1), Brundage(1), Brush(1), Bryan(2), Bryant(3), Buchanan(2), Buck(261), Buckham(1), Buckley(4), Buckman(3), Budd(50), Buffin(2), Bull(4), Bullock(24), Bulsaa(1), Bunner(1), Bunting(8), Burch(7), Burcham(2), Burden(4), Burdet(2), Burdick(1), Burgess(2), Burgin(20), Burke(1), Burman(1), Burnet(5), Burnett(3), Burnham(2), Burnight(1), Burns(10), Burr(154), Burrill\Burwell(1), Burrough(69), Burroughs(25), Burrows(1), Bursley(2), Burt(61), Burtis(8), Burton(9), Burwell(2), Bush(10), Bushwell(1), Bussie(1), Butcher(73), Butler(23), Butterworth(40), Butts(2), Buzby(160), Byddyl(2), Byddyll(6), Byrd(1)

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